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12/26/17 11:40 AM #572    


Brian Burgeson


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!


I found and joined this great group this past summer and love reading the posts. 

12/26/17 01:34 PM #573    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

"Merry Christmas" in the sand...

I'd go tromp out something like "Happy New Year Laneites - 1976 rules!" - but it's TOO DARNED COLD!

12/26/17 02:15 PM #574    


John Todesco

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Outside chance I might be able to go to 2nd Annual Cubs outing.  Might be out there visiting my dad.  As a Sox fan, this will be the ultimate sacrifice, but knowing  I'm there with fellow 76ers, it will be well worth it.

12/26/17 02:56 PM #575    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

No worries John... The Sox and Cubs play at Sloan the next day so you can catch up with Laneites on the 9th, and see your team on the 10th!  Right now we have nine Bicentennials and their family members registered and it's still December!  Class of 76 representing!

12/27/17 01:06 PM #576    


Kevin O Mooney

Belated Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

12/30/17 02:36 PM #577    

John Nakawatase

All 76ers

I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2018!

Please be safe!


12/31/17 04:11 PM #578    


Per C Pearson

Happy New Year to all 76'ers. Wishing you peace and health in 2018!



01/01/18 01:46 AM #579    


Kevin O Mooney

Happy New Year!!!

01/01/18 12:06 PM #580    


Timmy Wong

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2018! Happy New Year !

01/03/18 08:52 PM #581    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Enough of this crazy sub-zero weather in Chicago!  We're going to Mesa!  So far 60 folks are signed up from classes ranging from 1952 to 2010, but guess which year has the most people attending????  That's right... the BICENTENNIALS!  With seven grads plus some significant others we represent almost 15% of the attendees!  We have 80 tickets reserved but can expand to 100, so give it some thought as you put on that second pair of socks tomorrow.  Go Lane Go!


01/07/18 04:59 PM #582    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Just to put your minds at ease...I was NOT the Florida woman who won the Mega Millions jackpot. It sure is fun to think about what I would do with all that money though. Hmmm....450 million. I guess a new car is in order (currently driving a 2004), and it would pay for a LTAA trip to Mesa! What more do I need?

01/08/18 12:20 PM #583    


Robert Cole

For that kind of money we could all be alumni of Ingraffia Tech!
I'd bring back shops and drafting with my donation.

You know, I work with some research scientists and they lament the loss of vocational skills in college graduates.  They no longer know how to MAKE anything.  So much in research has never been done before and they have to figure out how to make the equipment they need, because it doesn't exist.  Today's graduates don't know how to build anything.

Not to mention that Lane (and a handy father) at least taught me the difference between a crosscut and a rip saw!  Comes in handy fixing stuff around the house.  You should have seen the swingset built in our backyard when the kids were little.  Best on the block, if just a little lopsided!!  Of course, all the time I spent grinding plane irons isn't much use anymore.  But, the last time I saw someone selling a California jobcase at a flea market I knew what it was!

01/08/18 01:58 PM #584    


John Todesco

OK Michelle, the ticket is bought and I'm brining both my Sox & Cubs hats.  Looking forward to the warm and fun.

01/08/18 07:22 PM #585    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Woo Hoo!  The cold finally got to you!  So happy you're joining us John. 

We have alums coming from WI, MN, IL, CA and of course AZ.

Bring on the sunshine!!!

01/09/18 01:17 PM #586    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

Robert Cole, you may be gratified/relieved to know some of us are teaching our daughters how to drywall, mud and paint interiors!

Next up: re-do the downstairs bathroom, current;y in a state of chaos!

And on NPR, they're interviewing a woman who owns a mechanics shop - maybe Pennsylvania - haven't heard any references to LTHS!


01/11/18 10:51 PM #587    


Ken Ortiz

Happy 2018 all! I hope you enjoy this story:

My mom was the youngest of 8 (10 if you include the 2 others my grandma took in and raised), and they were all raised in Chicago. But I was the first of all our family who went to Lane. I was also the only one of all my siblings and cousins who went to Lane. But I have several cousins whose children went to (or is presently at) Lane. (Would they be considered second cousins to me?) For example, one of my cousins has 2 daughters and they both went to Lane. One graduated in 2013 and the other will graduate in 2019. I got to see them this Christmas eve and I brought my 1976 yearbook for them to see. I also showed them a few of my wacky Lane stories I posted on our 1976 on-line forum. I even got to check out a Lane 2017 yearbook they had.
Anyway I am working on getting further details on those other family Lane alumni and hoping that they get the LTAA newsletters because they will see a relative of theirs that is involved and also the first one of their family that went to Lane. Unfortunately, they probably will not know that as they may not know my real name. If my cousins mentioned me to them, they will probably have used my family nickname, which was given to me before I was even born (that's a story in itself) and who everyone in my family calls me, even to this day. Who else here has a childhood/family nickname? I am not sure what the deal was with my family but they sure were into nicknames. The funny thing is that those cousins of mine that had children going to Lane also have nicknames. So, if I would tell another family member about them, I would have to say the following:
"Hey Aunt Lucky! Guess what? Some of Auntie Neeto's grandkids are Laneites! Yes indeed, just like me! Some of Kooque's, Rosie's and Teeta's kids are Laneites, but I am not sure if any of Tootie's, Peekee's or Palele's kids are Laneites.

01/12/18 09:52 AM #588    

Gregory Calvimontes

Maja, I made both my son and daughter learn basic skills in carpentry, electrical, drywall, etc. I also made them both work on their cars beyond just changing a tire or oil. As a matter of fact, my daughter is part of my pit crew for my endurance race car.

01/22/18 10:31 PM #589    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey what's up?!?  Hardly any Bicentennials have weighed in... and that's us, (Ms O'Day) in the picture with Mr. Lichtman! Represent on the LTAA FaceBook page...



01/26/18 11:54 AM #590    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

Michelle, am I overdue

to renew?

(LTAA that is...)

02/07/18 11:16 PM #591    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey Bicentennials... it's almost 2 years since we started this website... can you believe it?!?

A lot can happen in 2 years: retirement, relocation, name changes, email address changes (thanks Yahoo), and phone numbers.  It would be super helpful if we could all go into our profiles and update them by the end of February so we're all shiny and fresh.  That way when the next group of unsuspecting reunion committee victims... oops I mean members, start rounding everyone up for our next get together, our chances of reaching everybody will be so much better.  Thanks!

02/09/18 09:53 AM #592    


Robert Cole


I spent time teaching my son (or, at least trying) to be a little handy.  Coordination ok.  No patience.  Typical of kids nowadays.  When he was learning to drive he drove the car THROUGH the back wall of the garage and into the back yard!  After I had that fixed I made him help me paint the garage.   To him, that meant "paint for 15 minutes.  Shoot hoops for 30.  Paint for 10.  Shoot hoops for 40.  Take a lunch beak.  Rinse & repeat."  No career as a painter!  But, I did have him help me fix stuff.  When he graduated and got his own apartment I put together an "apartment toolkit" out of spare tools I had around.  When he eventually gets his own house I'll get him some more tools and a good DIY book.  That's how I learned.

I'm afraid handieness shrinks in each generation.  My dad was very good with tools.  I'm fairly handy.  My son gets along.

02/09/18 10:01 AM #593    


Robert Cole

Ok Bicentennials!

With the Olympics just beginning, who can tell me how many Olympians LTHS has?  And, how many medals?  I'll get the show started...

  • Johnny Weismuller... one of my favorite actors. 
    • Went to LTHS in the early 1920's.  One of the most accomplished swimmers of all time.
    • FIVE Golds and One Bronze in the 1924 and 1928 Olympics.
    • 52 US National Championships
    • 67 World Records in the free and back
    • Undefeated in amateur competition
    • First to break the 1 minute mark in the 100m free
    • First to break the 5 minute mark in the 440y free

Went on to play the DEFINITIVE Tarzan in 12 movies.  Then, another 13 movies as Jungle Jim.  Co-starred with Jane, Boy, and the LEGENDARY Cheetah!  At his funeral, as his casket was lowered into the ground, they palyed his famous Tarzan yell!

See... we do have more fame to claim than just Adrian Zmed and Rod Blagoavich!

02/09/18 10:07 AM #594    


Robert Cole

Print Shop alumni...

Go see the movie The Post.  Besides being an excellent flick, there are a lot of scenes of linotype operation, hand typesetting, headlines on the Ludlow, and composing (chases, lumber and quoins).  All the stuff no one has done in decades!  I had to explain it all to my wife!

02/09/18 08:56 PM #595    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Agree on "The Post" Bob... both from the print shop perspective and the female trailblazer vantage point.  Lots of bad 1971 fashion too, and in one spectacular court scene, the bailiff calls everyone to rise... the actor playing the bailiff is Rick Crom, Class of '75.  I almost fell out of my luxurious, faux leather recliner chair with cup holder!

02/09/18 10:34 PM #596    


Ken Ortiz

Rick Crom hosted one of our talent shows. The one where Debbie Bailey sang "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton and brought the house down. It was one of those "I was there to see it Live and not Memorex moments.

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