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12/28/19 02:00 PM #1072    


Ken Ortiz


My heartfelt condolences for you and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers.

12/28/19 07:50 PM #1073    


Paul G Smolk

Jeff  , I am so sorry . My deepest sympathy , Paul Smolk

12/29/19 10:48 AM #1074    


Timmy Wong

Jeff, I am so sorry for your loss.  We will keep your family in our prayers.

12/29/19 10:03 PM #1075    


Frank Powers


I just saw the news and I can't imagine the heartbreak associated with this tragic event.  My prayers are with you and your family.


01/03/20 11:00 PM #1076    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

We could all use a little sunshine about now.  Plan to join us in AZ on March 5th. We had a blast last year including an impromptu Bicentennials post-game-happy-hour where all the cool college kids hang out in Tempe,(thanks to Georgette)!




01/19/20 12:42 PM #1077    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

For those of you not on social media... tonight it'll be Myrtle & Gold versus Green & Gold when Laken Tomlinson '10, Lane Tech alum and 49ers offensive guard takes on the Packers. I know who I'm rootin' for!

02/07/20 11:56 PM #1078    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,
Last year I wrote about some cool MFTE (My First Time Ever) moments I had recently and that, even in our advanced age (well...maybe semi-advanced age), we can still experience those moments. After I got back from Vegas (a MFTE for me), I experienced a couple of more cool MFTE's and also a couple of very cool Lane Tech Alumni sightings in 2019. One of those MFTE's was My First Time Ever participating in a Walk To End Alzheimer's event. What a great event that was, and it was also at that event where I had one of my Lane Tech Alumni sightings. I will expound more about all that, and about my other cool Alumni sighting in future posts.
My other MFTE needs a bit of background first. For the last couple of years, I have expanded my IC (Inner Circle) bubbles to include a group of very creative (artists, musicians, comedians, etc.) folks that are local in my area. I got to know several of them pretty well and have attended various shows, open mics and other local events that showcase some of them. Hanging out with them inspired me to try to come up with something creative that I could do at one of their open mic events. So, I finally came up with something and that was my other MFTE last year. My First Time Ever I performed at an open mic event.
So, what was my bit, you ask?
Ever see the show "Whose line is it anyway"? I watched it from time to time and that was when Drew Carey was the original host. It is still on TV on Friday evenings on The U (Channel 26 in Chicago). If you have seen the show, one of the segments they do is when they perform "Hoedowns" on a particular topic. If you have not seen the show, and you are curious on how the Hoedowns work, you can go to U-Tube and search for "Whose Line is it anyway Hoedowns" and there will be multiple videos of them as they did that segment on just about every show. So, that was what I did for the open mic. I came up with some Public Craft Brewery (the open mike venue) Hoedowns celebrating some of the different brews they have created throughout the years.
So, how was my bit received, you may ask?
As I was not experienced with performing in front of a live audience, I was pretty rusty and shaky, and it was lame and cheezy, but it was fun and silly and I even got a few chuckles (I had to perform the Hoedowns a cappella as there was no piano or Hoedown music besides us clapping to a beat). But it got better and I was more used to being on the mic and I also added more lame and cheezy material after several open mics. It helped that I was among some familiar faces and also the venue was small (a local brewpub) I was familiar with. The good thing was that I had unique and orginal material and it was a fun niche that hasn't been done before on their open mics. Now I seem to have developed a reputation for being the "Hoedown guy" when I visit that particular pub. Actually, maybe I have a talent for creating Hoedowns, as I have come up with some on other various topics. I do know for sure that I am better at creating material as I am at performing said material. So, there is no chance of me doing any kind of stand-up comedy routine, but I will give my comedian friends funny material they can run with. Which brings me to this:
Lately, I have been working on creating some Lane Tech Specfic Hoedowns (LTSH....not LTHS) and I have posted a few below. I am hoping that once you see them, that can inspire you to create some of your own LTSH's (Lane Tech Specific Hoedowns), or even revise some of mine. I will also show you an example of a Hoedown that has several different versions, so hopefully that can make it easier for you to come up with something witty, lame, cheezy, goofy and if nothing else just loads of fun, no matter what.
Here are a few of my Lane Tech Specific Hoedowns (keep that Hoedown piano beat as you read these)
Went to Lane Tech high school- home of the myrtle and the gold
Always took the bus there- whether hot or cold
Even went during a blizzard- what was wrong with me?
Could have just stayed home that day- and watched some tee-vee
 (watched some tee-vee) <------ The show ends the final Hoedown with repeating the last line
I’m a class of 76’er- a bicentennial
44 years later- time has taken its toll
Seeing the campus now- really hurts my soul
Cause they sold the stadium- and removed the totem pole
 (removed the totem pole)
When I went to my senior prom- I was expecting romance
But my date was still brooding- she wouldn't smile or dance
She was still not over her ex- and I wish I would have known
I would have told her "Thank you, next!"- and gone to prom alone
 (gone to prom alone)
I had my first real heartbreak- at Lane Tech high school
Thought she was the one- I was such a fool
When she kept blowing me off- I finally understood
That she had another true love- in her neighborhood
 (in her neighborhood)
The first Hoedown, with some alternative endings following:
Went to Lane Tech high school- home of the myrtle and the gold
Always took the bus there- whether hot or cold
Even went during a blizzard- what was wrong with me?
Could have just stayed home that day- and watched some tee-vee
 (watched some tee-vee)
Even went during a blizzard- what was wrong with me?
Could have just slept in that day- all warm and snuggle-ly
 (all warm and snuggle-ly)
Even went during a blizzard- what were you thinking Ken?
Could have just stayed home alone- rockin to Led Zepplin
 (rockin to Led Zepplin)
Even went during a blizzard- trudging through all that slush
Could have just stayed in bed- dreaming of my Lane Tech crush
 (dreaming of my Lane Tech crush)
Even went during a blizzard- getting to the bus all frozed
When I finally got to Lane- found out it was closed
 (found out it was closed)
I am sure I will be coming up with some more of these LTSH's (Lane Tech Specific Hoedowns) in the future, but I hope you had fun with these. I will be looking forward to seeing some of yours. I am thinking that the best Hoedowns will be the ones about our Lane faculty.

02/18/20 04:30 PM #1079    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Fellow Bicentennials... we still have 15 tickets for Mesa available for sale.  Any impulse buyers out there? Come join us!


02/25/20 11:02 PM #1080    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Cleaning out boxes of old stuff and came across this picture that I'm pretty sure was taken by Marc Harris in 1973ish.  Who's that in the background?


02/26/20 10:22 AM #1081    


Andrea M Adam

My guess would be Irene Oki. She always used to wear those little barretts in her hair back then.


02/26/20 01:37 PM #1082    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

I was thinking the same thing - Irene Oki.

03/06/20 10:41 PM #1083    


Robert Cole

Hey Michelle and fellow Cub fans!

Hope you're all having a good time out in AZ.  Go Cubs!
My wife and I are thinking about making the trip in 2021.  Some good friends just retired to Sun City.  When the Bicentennials go, how long do you usually stay?  What goes on?  We'd make more of a trip out of it.  Do the LTHS thing.  See some Cubbies.  Visit our friends.  So, what does this trip look like for most of you?  Lisa is actually pretty excited about it right now!

03/07/20 10:37 PM #1084    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

This year, Bicentennials and their significant others were the largest group at the game, numbering 12. Georgette Rath, Arnie Smith, Wally Bituat and Milan Norum represented the state of AZ while the Janet & Pete Ingraffia, June & Steve Yamasaki and I travelled from IL. We continue to have about 100 participate in the game and our youngest attendees were four very charming young men from 2012, while Jack Leese '49 coninues to serve as our elder statesman. A six-decade span!

The last 2 years, we've spent most of the day at Sloan and then the 76ers meet up for a post-event cocktail and cool-down.  Folks spend a range of days there and do all kinds of things from golf, to museum, to dining or just chilling out at the pool.  Most people from out of town catch a second game on either side of the LTAA event.  There's lots to do and explore so I would recommend at least 4 days for a virgin like you.  :)  But I'll let the others chime in.  I wish I had stayed one day more to recover from the game day extravaganza.  Somebody has a picture of all of us together but I can't find it.  Anyone???  Maybe Joanna took it?  We will find.  

03/09/20 11:39 AM #1085    


Georgette Mihalko (Rath)

We had a great time as always!! Michelle and Joanne out did themselves. I wish more of the Alums would attend. Can't wait to get together with you all next year! Go Lane!!



03/09/20 05:13 PM #1086    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Here's the whole Bicentennial group!

03/10/20 05:15 PM #1087    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

It  was our first time out there, and we had so much fun! Just got back home last night, and we are already talking about returning next year. Thank you, MIchelle and Joanne for putting this together. Really enjoyed meeting up with all of you. Lots to see and do in the area. The Musical Instrument Museum is definitely worth a visit, and highly recommended.

03/21/20 05:57 PM #1088    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

I just wanted to chime in on these trying times and wish you all to be safe and to hang in there. So far, nobody in my various circles of family and friends have caught the virus and I am working to get in touch with others. But some family and friends will be enduring some hardships as most will be forced to be at home for awhile. I am hoping you all will also chime in and let the rest of us know how you are all doing.

03/22/20 11:43 AM #1089    


Gregory Calvimontes

Thanks Ken. May we all come out relatively unscathed. Everyone stay safe!!!

03/22/20 01:27 PM #1090    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Here is a great piece written, photographed and filmed by a 2016 alum, Colin Boyle. He is a wonderful, talented young man who finished his undergrad at Northwestern in 3 years and is now getting his masers while holding down multiple freelance jobs.  A real champion!…/chicago-singalong-of-livin-…/

03/22/20 03:29 PM #1091    


Deborah "Debbie" Tono

Hoping all stay safe, take precautions and stay healthy. Am sorry I missed the Spring Training game - looked like fun times were had by all! We're definitely not the teenagers we wish we were! Take care...




03/22/20 03:40 PM #1092    


Deborah "Debbie" Tono

BTW - this is Irene Oki-Ryniak & myself last year in Houston. Besides Kathy Manos, we work for United Airlines as well! Kathy at ORD, Irene at IAH (Houston) & me at DEN. So if you're passing through any of these hubs, give us a holler!!!


03/23/20 10:32 AM #1093    


Robert Cole

Thanks everyone for the great info and pictures from the Bicentennial trip to Cube Spring Training.  I've wanted to go for a while.  I might be just a little past the Cubs Fantasy Camp!  But, my wife is also excited about coming out next spring!  We have friends out there so we can make a real trip out of it.  If I get my way... there'll b some time on the Vegas strip, too!

See y'all next year!

03/23/20 10:46 AM #1094    


Robert Cole

And, Healthy Good Wishes from Indianapolis to all my Bicentennial friends out there, too.

We're managing to stay healthy here.  My wife & I both work from home, anyway.  So, the switch was no big deal for us.  We're just all hunkered down for the long haul.  My daughter is a 4th grade teacher and they're shut down at least until May 1.  I suspect they may shut down for the rest of the school year.  So, she gets to sleep in and relax!  My son lives in Chicago with his girlfriend.  Their firm hase sent them all home.  So, they get to "shelter-in-place" in a tiny, one-bedroom Lakeview apartment.  A real "relationship builder!"

My big concern is... THE INDIANAPOLIS 500!  I suspect we won't hold a race this year.  Even by the end of May, it just might not be a good idea to get 200,000 fans together in one place.  Kind of defeats the idea of "social distancing!"  And, that's just a typical race.  On a good day the 500 can get around 350,000.  This'll be the first Indy 500 I've missed in maybe 35 years.

Last weekend, how many of you saw what ESPN2 did?  They converted for the entire weekend to "ESPN8 - The Ocho" and ran the kind of sports cable TV is good for!  Stone Skipping, Hamburger Eating, Brat Eating, Marble Racing and Video Gaming.  Some guy won $30,000 for a longest drive contest in video golf!  And, of course, the college championship slippery stair contest.  College students trying to climb a flight of greased up stairs.  Tell me there wan't a lot of drinking going on there!  No... THIS is what I get cable TV for!

This may be an Indiana thing, speaking of sports, drinking and gambling.  But, I used to have a friend that was a pilot and owned a Cessna.  He used to fly us up to Ft. Wayne for the crab races at a bar called Sonny's.  Fly to Ft. Wayne just to gamble on hermit crabs.  March Madness, eat your heart out!

Stay well.  Elbow bumps to everyone!

03/24/20 01:24 PM #1095    


Andrew Flor

Bob, Don't forget about the Weiner Dog Races during The Rathskeller Oktoberfest in Indy! Good times!


03/25/20 02:18 PM #1096    


Robert Cole


I used to go to the beer garden at the Rathskeller all the time.  Good friends with a guy who went by "Polka Boy."  His "alternative" polka band played there lots.  Sort of like Weird Al... but set to polka!

Never been to the Weiner Dog races, though.  I'll have to get there!
Beer & Cigars!

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