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02/14/19 10:46 PM #919    


Robert Cole

And from a little snug in Sligo.  Get the theme here??

02/14/19 10:51 PM #920    


Robert Cole

From the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland...

02/14/19 11:00 PM #921    


Robert Cole

Finally, falconing on the grounds of Ashford Castle!

I'd love to bore you with a few hundred other pictures.  I'll just say we avoided as much tourist stuff as possible.  Went to Dublin, Bray, Dun Laoghire, Greystones, Bushmills, Sligo, Galway, and some other little towns.  Lots of pubbing.  Buy a round or two and the entire pub is your best friend!.  Took in the authentic Irish music scene all over the country.  Shopping, of course.  Survived driving on the wrong side of the road, from the wrong side of the car.  Survived an "Irish Traffic Jam."  You know, when the sheep are crossing the road, there's just NOTHING to do but wait until they decide they want to move on!  Roamed the grounds of old castles.  Again, avoided as much touristy stuff as we could.  Lots of Guinness, Irish whiskey and gin flowed.  Brought home LOTS of it from the duty-free shop!

And, I can tell you there's two things the Irish want to talk to Americans about... Brexit and Donald Trump!

02/16/19 10:37 PM #922    


John Simmers

Bob ---

I think that - through the sharing of your Ireland-pics, you’ve unknowingly served to incite some jealousy in me.

I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, but – frankly, the closest I’ve ever come is through my YouTube subscription to a channel showing Irish reaction-videos (the TRY Channel).

While a visit to Ireland has long been on my bucket-list – upon seeing the beautiful photos from your trip, I’m thinking to now at-least move that up a few notches - closer to the top.

All the Good. 

02/18/19 09:02 PM #923    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey everybody!  Diane Moy Quon's Oscar-nominated documentary "Minding the Gap", is airing tonight on WTTW, Channel 11.  Go get the popcorn, and if you miss it, here are the other times they will be showing the film.

02/19/19 04:20 PM #924    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Yay! I'm glad there will be an opportunity for you all to see it without starting a Hulu trial subscription. The documentary is truly awesome. A couple more tidbits of info - Former President Obama includes it on his personal "best movies of 2018" list, and just over the weekend, Tony Hawk, well known extreme sports athlete whose foundation has funded a vast number of philanthropic activities involving underserved youth, wrote a guest review o "Minding The Gap" for The Hollywood Reporter.

02/19/19 04:38 PM #925    


Fredrica Holtzer (Berg)

Thanks for letting us know, Michele!! 💜rica



02/21/19 07:21 PM #926    


John Nakawatase

I watched Diane's documentary last night on PBS. Excellent!

Diane I hope to see you on stage holding an Oscar Sunday night.

Good luck!


Michelle thank you for the heads up!

02/22/19 12:38 PM #927    


Christopher Math

There should be a copy of the film in the alumni office thanks to a LTHS alum Class of 75.  He has been updating me about the buzz in LA.  He did see film and put his vote in for many reasons but mainly because of the story of the documentary.   I have kept our esteemed President (Michelle) in the know about the buzz.  Congratuations to Diane.

02/25/19 12:42 PM #928    


Milan Norum

28" snowfall at our new home town of Prescott, Az. last week. Looking forward to going down to Mesa for the Cub game on March 3rd.

02/26/19 09:10 PM #929    


John Simmers


So - for those of you that are heading south out of Chi-town for the first days of March - to Mesa for the LTAA Spring Training Trip, I'm not sure whether to call this a benefit of just-your-good-timing or just-your-good-luck (or both), but - for sure, good on you all!

Here is the WGN Chicago "record-late-season-cold" weather-forecast that's been tweeted out for those days that you'll be gone:

02/26/19 11:28 PM #930    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

From the fabulous Diane Moy Quon:

"tell the entire gang- thanks so much for all the support and Love on the forum!!!"


And John... thanks for reminding the Bicentennials who decided to make the trek to Mesa, how smart their decision was!  Can't wait to see everybody!


03/07/19 08:29 PM #931    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

We had a blast in Arizona!  


03/08/19 06:06 PM #932    


Milan Norum

L-R    Me, Wally Bitaut, Georgette Rath & Michelle Weiner

03/08/19 06:07 PM #933    


Milan Norum

Cubs gave a little butt kicking. Missed most of due to partying and yapping on the party deck.

03/08/19 06:51 PM #934    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

I heard yesterday it was the largest crowd in Sloan Park history and broke the attendance record for any spring training game!  Next comes Wrigley on May 22nd Chicagoans!


03/17/19 10:45 AM #935    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey Bicentennials... we need your help with the Roll Call Project!

The LTAA is updating our database for all veterans, especially those MIA and KIA from the Vietnam era who attended Lane Tech.  In partnership with our new affinity group, “The Cavalry”, (an alumni group focused on supporting JROTC alumni, current cadets, and veterans), we will be working towards a more complete list of these former students. Very little information exists for this population (and veterans in general), so we are asking our members and followers to help.

If you know of a Vietnam-era classmate or family member who served, please contact our office via email at

Kindly supply the name, address if available, graduation year, year enlisted or drafted, military branch, rank, any special honors earned, and date of death if applicable.

Thank you for your assistance in bringing these men and women in uniform home to Lane Tech where they can be properly recognized in the Memorial Garden.



03/20/19 08:44 AM #936    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

In celebration of Womens History Month, women from the classes of '74-'77 shared stories about those first co-ed days at Lane with current students yesterday. Student reactions ranged from confusion to horror when we brought out (Marie Cost McJilton's) old blue gymsuit!  Thanks Marie!


03/20/19 04:59 PM #937    


Marie Costa (McJilton)


I am glad I could be of some assistance!  Didn't mean to put the fright into those youngsters! I am sure none of the girls in attendance will ever complain about having to wear a t-shirt and pair of shorts for gym. :)

03/21/19 04:08 PM #938    


Robert Cole

How about some of the Bicentennial guys talking to them about naked swim class? That's one thing the girls didn't have to do. Especially when the heat broke down in the winter! Wearing nothing but a swim cap and a smile!

03/22/19 10:13 AM #939    


Frank Powers

You are right about the Cap but I'm not sure about the smile. :(

I still can't believe we did that.  Times sure were different then in many ways.

What about being offered (by some sly upper classmen) to purchase a left-handed T-Square.


03/23/19 02:05 PM #940    


Robert Cole

Or an elevator pass!
Did you ever give a note to a freshman girl and tell her to deliver it to the teacher in room 127?? Or whatever the number of the swimming pool was. Them listen to the screams when they walked in on a naked swim class!

03/23/19 02:12 PM #941    


Robert Cole

Then give another note to the same girl and tell her to deliver it to the ROTC room. When she asks where it is, tell her it's under the stands in the stadium. She'll never believe you!

03/24/19 12:31 PM #942    


John Todesco

WOW guys.  Real "#metoo" appropriate responses!

03/24/19 06:20 PM #943    


Per C Pearson

I still have my drafting shoes.

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