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06/22/20 05:12 PM #1119    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Hello Fellow 76'ers,

Sorry to have been absent from forum for months. It was a difficult transition for me and husband Marc to work entirely from home when both our places of work went remote. Then I got placed on work-share 60% work and pay, which I'm actually grateful for since 10% of our staff was permanently laid-off and another unknown number on unpaid furlough for 90 days. The only part of this I'm grateful for is that Marc is not traveling for work currently, so we get to see each other every day (and avoiding the 1.2 hr each way commute). We, our kids and grandchildren (another on the way) are all fine, and I'm happy to see fellow alums responding positively.

Really glad LTHS Alumni Day at Cubs Spring Training happened before COVID shutdowns! Love the photos.

I'm am so so sad to learn about John Nakawatase and his mother. Thank you for sharing, Bob, and Michelle for the Tribune article. John was definitely one of the sweetest men I've ever known. How tragic. Not all our classmates have been as fortunate as we.

I seem to be sneaking in during a Kiddieland/Adventureland reminiscence. We must've gone to Kiddieland, not sure about Adventureland. My memory is toast, though - I'm so impressed by your clear remembrances!

I hope we'll be able to get together by the time of the 50th anniversary of Lane becoming co-ed. I can hardly believe it has been nearly 4 years since our wonderful 40th Reunion.

Take care, everyone. Some things are relaxing around the country, so even more - please stay safe and well.

06/22/20 09:21 PM #1120    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Welcome back Grace! 

Hey Bicentennials... we're working on the database for the 50th anniversary of the first women at Lane celebration in 2021 and I have been assigned the task of finding all the women in our class!  I am looking for the following classmates.  If anyone knows of them, or if we have accounted for them under a different surname and I'm not smart enough to figure out 2+2, (art major), please reach out either through this site or email me at

Jane Shipp

Grace Boron

Andrea Jauck

Kimberly Anne Kacick

Norlyna Hui

Debra Simpson

Lydia Zalewski

Deborah Zawada

Maria Zinkann

Slavica Zivovic

Thanks everybody!


06/23/20 11:53 AM #1121    


Robert Cole

Hi Grace!  Welcome back!

I've been lax on the posts lately, too.  My family has been especially lucky during the covid pandemic, thank God.  We've been very careful and everyone has been healthy.  Jobs have been good.  My daughter is a public schol teacher and went to e-teaching from home.  She lives with us so it was funny to walk by and hear a room full of students downstairs!  I work from home anyway, so the isolation has been no change.  And, working in IT for a company that picks up medical waste... covid has been a boon.  More medical waste than ever to pick up and more work than I could shake a stick at!  My wife left her previous position (too much international travel) and has taken a position developing partnerships for a local non-profit.  Her forte, anyway.

I will say, though, the dreaded "COVID SHOPPING" took hold of us!  When you're home all the time what is ther to do but online shop?  We had a professional landscaper completely re-do our front yard.  Crushed stone patio and lots of new plantings.  I re-did the back bed, digging out 10 years of overgrown stuff and putting in all new plantings.  And, I've torn out everything along the side of the building, preparing for planting in the fall.  We're getting the siding powerwashed and then painted and new gutters within the next few weeks.

Lisa has taken hold of the inside.  We're sporting three new rugs, three tables and custom draperies on the way.  So, it's been a busy isolation period for all of us!

I remember Kiddieland.  I thought it was further north that it was.  We lived far north and went so often I just assumed it was nearby.  Particularly liked the Tilt-a-Whirl and bumper cars!  And, who else palyed skeeball at Riverview?  I think Chicago considered skeeball and pinball gambling, so it was pretty rare in Chicago.  I believe Riverview had an exemption for skeeball.  And, the north side of Howard Street (technically... Evanston) was one giant pinball machine!  

Howard Street was great.  Booze on the south side (Evanston was dry) and pinball on the north.  

06/23/20 01:36 PM #1122    


Edward Mc Carthy


I may have a lead on Jane Schipp.  I'll let you know.  Her brother lives here in Park Ridge and is a neighbor of mine.  I'll see what I can find out.


06/23/20 04:25 PM #1123    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Thanks Ed, Janet and Chris for weighing in.



06/25/20 11:55 AM #1124    


Norman Vorne

So this has been all over the news...

Lane Tech may soon get rid of its Native American mascot after petition calls for its removal


06/26/20 10:17 AM #1125    


Robert Cole

I'm not sure how I feel about losing our mascot.  LTHS uses the Indian as a symbol of its strength and pride.  Not in a derrogatory way.  At least he's not named "Chief Wahoo."

On the other hand, many do see the term "Indian" as a derrogatory term.  Maybe we can keep the symbol but use a name other than "Indian?"

06/26/20 03:33 PM #1126    


Frank G Styzek

I experienced this previously when, as an alumni of the University of Illinois, The Chief was retired. Totally disagree with the decision as both U of I and Lane Tech used the Indian as a symbol of strength, courage, inspiration and grace.  I respect the opinion of others but will always be a Lane Tech Indian. 

06/27/20 06:34 PM #1127    


Gregory Groeper

Just a reminder that we also have a Facebook Page
We discuss Lane memories, current affairs, Chicago and national issues, science, history, family, music, Obits, etc.
There is Zero moderator censorship. All we ask is to avoid profanity and attacking people instead of ideas.
We've got 92 alums signed up there so far, come join us if you'd like.
Lane Tech Alumni - Class of 1976

06/29/20 02:40 PM #1128    


Edward Mc Carthy

Losing the mascot?  Criminal.  Such rich history and tradition.  Each new class and generation are the stewards of what came before them.  Political correctness will ruin this country.  To be sure, there is plenty that needs to change.   But LTHS's mascot?   In 2006 when U of I  caved in to NCAA threats of losing funding....they sh+t canned the Chief.  A law suit brought by someone who never attended the school and lived in another state!  Chief Illiniwek who was the most respected and revered thing on the  Urbana campus.....gone.   The Chief proudly honored the rich traditions of a native American culture.  When the board voted to 'off' the Chief, my enire family stopped donating to the school.  It was several grand a year from all of us.  We were proud U of I grads.  My daughter went to Florida State University, home of Chief Ocseola.  She would NOT attend U of I.  If you have ever watched an FSU football game, you know how incredible the Chief is.  Oh, and my wife is part native American.  Also a U of I alum.  She loved the Chief and FSU as well.  Her grand pap was a full blooded Potowatomie.  

Look at all the professional sports team with names that may  invoke some possible question?  The Washington Redskins.  The Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians and  the Cleveland Browns. Anyone screaming there?

Do the New York Yankees offend the Southern population. Do you see a team named for the Confederacy?  The Christtian world has sports team names. Is it inappropriate to have the NewOrleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels or the San Diego Padres? 
Then there are the team names that ( may ) glorify criminals who raped and pillaged. The Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Pittsburgh Pirates!  And how about the Trojans and the Beavers........I could go on and on.    I get it.  Everybody has issues with everything.  My milennial children have taught me so much about tolerance and being open minded.  But if we continue to cave in to all these things, we will have nothing left.  Tolerance is a two way street.

BTW, for those who don't know .....the Fighting Illini moniker had NOTHING to do with indians fighting.  The Fighting Illini rose from those U of I students who went to war in WW1   They coined the moniker,,.The fighting Illini. 

You may take the moscot away, but I will always be a proud Lane Tech Indian.  A warrior.  A timeless legend.  You may agree with me, you may not.  But Lane taught me to be proud, be brave and show honor in your beliefs.  Where ever you go, what ever you do, remember the honor of.......................... 

06/29/20 03:43 PM #1129    


Patricia Hodge (Hanes)

Very well put Ed.  I agree 100%!

06/30/20 01:09 PM #1130    


Norman Vorne

For those interested, there is a petition to save the Lane Tech Indian.

06/30/20 01:27 PM #1131    


Andrea M Adam


     Thanks to Ed for giving us some of the rich history of U of I and their defunct mascot. The tail is definitely wagging the dog these days and for those of us who believe in tradition and feel respect for the Lane Indian, consider signing the petition than Norm referenced in his post. Thanks.

06/30/20 02:48 PM #1132    


Patricia Hodge (Hanes)

Thanks Norm, done.

07/01/20 08:24 AM #1133    

Michael Burkett


As a POC who attended Lane and played sports wearing the personally offensive mascot I'm truly pleased there are discussions to remove it...good to know I went to school with such "enlightened" classmates.

Mike Burkett
Class of '76


07/02/20 07:18 AM #1134    


Peter Ingraffia

Thanks Ed for the info on the Illini mascot as well. And thanks Norm for the link to the petition. 

07/02/20 10:40 AM #1135    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

As President of the Lane Tech Alumni Association, I have been called both a racist and disloyal this week... also libtard, dinosaur and a few others I won't mention.  I have had to handle a barrage of phone calls, emails, personal attacks, social media slander, and other harassment techniques... including nuisance complaints to the Illinois Attorney General. 

Our LTAA Board is composed of 20 alumni with opinions as diverse and passionate as everyone here, but we've adopted a neutral stance because

A) Politcal advocacy isn't part of our mission.  Member services and philanthropic efforts are and we do it better than any other high school assn in Chicago.  

B) We're autonomous. We don't influence school policy and the school doesn't tell us how to run our 501c3,

C) Petitions or no petitions, the symbol will be retired when Illinois HB483 is passed making any use of Native American imagery illegal unless a series of steps can be made including permission from a tribe within 50 miles of the school.  The Native American Center of Chicago has confirmed that the Lane Indian represents none of their more than 570 recognized tribes, and that they will not provide any such approval.

D) We believe that Lane tradition and culture goes deeper than what we wear on our baseball hats.  It's what we do that matters.

If I get one more email complaint from a non-member of the LTAA introducing themselves as a "fiercely loyal alum" , (young and old... for and against), who can't be bothered to join, doesn't attend events, has never donated to anything and has no intention to, I'm going to vomit.  We have more than 1100 names registered on this 1976 site.  Guess how many are members of the Alumni Association?  Seventy-one.  And of those, about a dozen truly active folks whose suport is fantastic, and whom I love despite our political differences, 

There are plenty of places to go for gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, and signing of petitions.  Let's make this a place where we can find reasons to be together rather than divided. This week the LTAA awarded $190,000+ in scholarships to Lane seniors. We're also installing a new marker in Memorial Garden to honor alumni who served and were killed in Vietnam.

Being exceptional, being a Lanite... that's what matters.


07/02/20 11:27 AM #1136    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Michelle, I love you! 

07/03/20 11:03 AM #1137    


Gregory R Znajda

As a life member,(still bugs you doesn't it Michelle,:-) ) I have only a wistful feeling about the change in mascot. In reality, it makes absolutely no difference what the stupid mascot is. The school was all about learning, inclusiveness and exploring the uncomfortable. Any alumni who complains (especially non LTAA members) probably was a poser in high school anyway. Get off your wounded high horse and bleed a little green and gold.

I'm voting for the Lane Tech ear worms!!!

07/03/20 12:24 PM #1138    


Terri (Therese) Bresnahan (Reid)

Thank you for all you do, Michelle! 

07/03/20 06:46 PM #1139    


John Simmers


I'm here to announce my intention to seek nomination for becoming the first-President of any yet-to-be-formed "President-of-the-Lane-Tech-Alumni-Association Fan Club"!!! [Well said are a blessing!]

All the Good... John


07/04/20 04:17 PM #1140    


Anne Chin (Lee)

Michelle, Thank You for all your do!  I am so very sad that you have been subjected to the personal attacks, harassment, and hate.   Although I am one of those that rarely post, I look forward to hopping onto this site whenever I receive notification that someone posted.   It always brings back sweet and sometimes tart memories of Lane. 

The posting about our Lane Tech Indian Warrior makes and continues to make me sad.  I told my brother (class of '75) and we are sad that our mascot has become part of the "knee jerk" reaction of the "Cancel Culture" instead of everyone embracing the “Dialogue Culture”.   Dialogue and discussion allow all of us to understand what our mascots and historical monuments represent and understanding that there is a story behind each (Thank you Ed McCarthy).   It’s a shame that there is no discussion just vandalism.  And to be clear, I am not saying that all statues or monuments remain but there must be discussion and dialogue leading to a resolution instead of what is happening today around the nation and world. 

For me, our Lane Tech mascot and all the murals that graced the walls of Lane bring back fond memories.  Thinking back to the days when I studied all the murals and admired the Lane Tech Warrior in our assembly hall, the history depicted (good and bad) showed me back then how far we as a nation had come.  It still gives me goosebumps.   I used to tell my sons and now repeat this to my grandkids…Learn and understand our Nation’s history so that we do not repeat the errors of the past.   Thank you Message Forum for getting my thoughts out.  

Happy Birthday, America!    Today we celebrate one of our most significant days of the year, a day to be grateful to be living in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”.

AND AGAIN, THANK YOU, Michelle for all that you do! So proud to have attended Lane with you! 

07/04/20 05:26 PM #1141    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

I was one of the first gals on the LT soccer team - there were only about a dozen women's extracurricular teams in the 6-county area. But I never considered myself an Indian, and as you may recall, didn't appreciate being called out for pep rallies. I know, I know, the radical hippie chick who became a veteran cop, go figure!

That said, my daughter - now rising into UChicago - is also part Mexican and part Native American, has friends who are Black, Asian (NOT "Oriental," if you please),  She and I and many others would rather if the groups being represented can be the ones who weigh in and give their yea or nay as to which depiction of them is accurate - or allowable. I don't think anyone would want to allow around any team or group if their nickname was the N-word, or that old-school reprehensible term for Chinese. Native Americans don't call their teams "Redskins" (this to them is a slur) or "Whiteys" for that matter, and many of us would probably object to the latter, n'est-ce-pas? (And if we ever get to travel again, don't call Indigenous Australians "Aborigines," as that too is insensitive)

It appears Native Americans have always resented names they would not have chosen for themselves, whether (we think) those terms denigrated them overtly or not. They have often chosen not to say anything; whites were the dominant paradigm, after all. Because we may not have heard the people themselves before, may have chosen not to hear them, doesn't mean their complaints aren't valid. They don't want us to use the names, derogatory or otherwise. We should be big enough to say, We are sorry for using these terms which offended you -- we won't do it again.

We learn empathy. Our thinking evolves. We evolve, ideally for the better.

And Michelle -- that is so wrong that some have chosen to send you hate mail. I've received hate mail too, in other circumstances (I guess I should insert "obviously" here). You don't deserve that. You do a lot of great work, and I thank you.

Everyone please be safe and healthy. Follow the science -- keep your spit to yourself -- wear your masks!

07/06/20 03:49 AM #1142    


Frank Powers

Michelle, i'm so sorry you have had to put up with what you've described.  I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I've participated in regarding the Alumni association.  You are doing a great job.

All the best!

07/06/20 04:20 PM #1143    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear about the hateful communications you've received. We all know the great person you are and the terrific (and often thankless) job you do as President of the Alumni Association! It doesn't surprise me that the worst offenders are those who aren't even members of the Alumni Association. I won't belabor the issue, as comments from Greg Z, Anne (hi Anne!) and Maja could not be improved upon by me. Once an LTHS warrior, always a warrior - leave it to those in specific cultural communities to opine on what is or is not objectionable to them. Love you, Michelle! and all my fellow 76'ers, agreeing to disagree on any subject as mature adults.

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