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03/24/18 01:07 PM #659    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

Great job, Michelle! Thanks for all your hard work. Glad I could help even one iota.

03/24/18 02:54 PM #660    


John Todesco

That's awesome Michelle!

03/24/18 03:50 PM #661    


Frank G Styzek


Thanks for all your hard work. The display case looks great. Can’t wait to hear how the Apple event goes. What great publicity for The School of Champions!

03/24/18 04:04 PM #662    


John Todesco

To my Lane Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to thank all of you for the beautiful condolences for my dad's passing.  He truly loved being around the student body because, "there's an energy at that school."

The picture of him in that hat brings back a little story of how much he loved the school and the students. 

My mom took up needlepoint and my dad thought it would be really cool to have the Lane Indian on it so he could wear it to the games.  He loved that hat so much, he wore it all the time even when he mowed the lawn.  One time he and I were up in Boulder Junction Wisconsin fishing about 10 years after graduating Lane and we just got off the lake and walked into town to a local bar when the bartender asks my dad, "what's with the goofy indian on your hat?".  Without missing a beat my dad responded, "this is the image of the most feared tribes in the Midwest, the Lahani Tesh Indians!  Get with it kid!"  Needless to say, the first beer was on the house.

He loved you all as I do.


03/24/18 04:45 PM #663    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Fundraiser hosted by classmate John Burke for Ronald McDonald House in May.  Todesco has more details for interested bowlers and prospective donors.



03/25/18 05:17 PM #664    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Big, mysterious Apple event at Lane is scheduled for 10AM on Tuesday and will be streamed on AppleTV.  I'm sure it'll be all over the news after that.  In case you want to channel the seventeen-year-old-you and participate in the celebration...



03/26/18 10:57 AM #665    


Frank Powers


Wow!  What a cool display.  Brings back a lot of memories.  Lugging around the draftng board and many others.  How long will the display be up, is it only for a limited time?  Thanks for the work.

03/26/18 02:44 PM #666    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey Frank!  I'll know more after the extravaganza is over and everyone is back in school.  Hopefully the cases will be come a permanent display opportunity for the Alumni Assn.  That would be awesome!

03/26/18 05:01 PM #667    


Andrew R. Flor

Great job on the display case. Architectural design, graphic design and fabrication are the cornerstones of our business. I still use my triangles and t-square to produce rough concepts before going the computer 3D model !

03/26/18 06:17 PM #668    


John Simmers

Michelle --- the dispay is great.  



03/26/18 07:42 PM #669    


Milan Norum

I was reading about it this morning. There was a mention about the time of 10:00AM Pacific Time as that is when Apple usually releases their new products. Which means it might be at 8:00 AM Central. I was confused by that and don't really know what time it will happen here because ot that. 

03/27/18 09:36 AM #670    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hi Milan!  It's Central Time.  8:45 guests arrive and check in and 10:00 is the announcement.  Folks are already lined up in the rain and all the Apple folks are wearing green jackets and gold hats.  (just on the news)

03/27/18 01:18 PM #671    


Norman Vorne

Some of the local news coverage of the Apple event at Lane.



03/27/18 02:24 PM #672    


John Simmers

Here's Channel 7-WLS' 11 o'clock reporting and Channel 2-CBS' 6 o'clock reporting about today's event.

I think this can all still get even better - if Apple should happen to accidentally-forget-and-kind-of-leave-behind the system that they installed in the school for the presentation today. Wow - that's some healthy HD (maybe some 3D too)! 

​[Each video is approx. 2-1/2 mins.]


03/27/18 03:19 PM #673    


John Simmers

And - here are highlights that Apple has released from their live-stream of today's event.

“There may be many reasons why [Lane Tech] claims to be the ‘School of Champions’, but, there’s none more impressive than having more PhD’s coming out of Lane than any school in the country. Whoa!”

Tim Cook, Apple CEO ​- addressing attendees of the
"Let's take a field trip" Apple-product launch-event,
held at Lane Tech College Preparatory Academy,
Chicago, IL (March 27, 2018).
[Video below - at approx. 03:25-03:50]

​[Entire video playtime is just under 17 mins.]


03/27/18 06:20 PM #674    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

In a private meet and greet with Lane students and faculty, Tim Cook gave Lane the original Apple Pen drawing of the school used as a backdrop during the presentation, and he received a jacket.  What a gracious, lovely man.  The kids loved him!

03/28/18 12:52 PM #675    


Terri (Therese) Bresnahan (Reid)

Thanks for the great updates on the Apple Event at Lane!  Great job on the display, Michelle! 

03/29/18 04:54 PM #676    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Wow, I wish I could've attended the Lane Apple Event! Congratulations Michelle, Maja, June, Frank and all for the terrific display - really incredible that the TI calculator still works. I'll be sure to check out all the footage people have posted.
In other news, look at all the honors and great press "Minding The Gap," the latest documentary produced by our classmate Diane Quon, is garnering!


04/02/18 08:59 PM #677    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Heads up Bicentennials!  Tickets for Alumni Night at Wrigley on June 6th went on sale today and we've sold 127 of the 600 already.  If you planned on attending, act soon!


04/03/18 12:26 PM #678    


Patricia Hodge (Hanes)

Looking forward to the Cubs Game event on June 6th!  Thanks for posting about it Michelle!

04/14/18 08:45 AM #679    


Robert Cole

Hi Bicentennials!
Hope everyone will have fun at the Alumni Night withthe Cubs! Think we can get the Alumni Association to do this on a weekend so we out-of-town alumni can attend? I'd sure be the!
Go Cubs... and Bi-centennials!

04/14/18 08:48 AM #680    


Robert Cole

Add I see the (ahem!) "significant" birthday postings... I hope we can organize a group 60th celebration, maybe this fall. Would be great fun to see you all again!

04/14/18 04:14 PM #681    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Sorry Bob... It's impossible to get 600+ seats together on a weekend unless we about double the price and then all the young alums are priced out of the event.  C'mon ... you're never too old to play hooky.. and you can stay at the swanky, new Hotel Zachary.  I'll buy you your first beer!

We've been talking about the Epic Bicentennial 60th Birthday and right now it looks like we'll do a weekend afternoon in the fall... super casual.  A "just show up" kind of thing.  If I can remember how to work this website, I'll send out a survey soon to gauge interest in a couple different venues.

Happy Birthday Andrea and Georgette!

04/14/18 09:43 PM #682    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

Thanks for all the news and updates here as I am enjoying the links to the Lane related happennings and the Alumni events going on. Maybe by June the weather will improve for the Alumni Cubs game......maybe....but this weekend doesn't seem very springlike yet. Anyhoo.........If you recall the post I wrote ( #394) mentioning how special this class of 76 was to have their 40th reunion the year the Cubs won the World Series (2016) and also that most of you got to celebrate your Beddian birthday that year, you can see that I am fascinated with the way numbers work. Being that I got to celebrate my Beddian birthday this year (turned 59, born in 1959), I did some more "number" Here are some observations from that:

So, I celebrated my Beddian birthday this year. What was also cool is that my younger daughter celebrated her Golden birthday this year too. She turned 22 on the 22nd of February. So, how many of you had a Son or Daughter celebrate their Golden birthday the SAME YEAR you celebrated your Beddian birthday? I would think that not many of us based on our birth year. But we have a better chance than most others, as people were most likely to have that happen if they were born earlier than us. (Do the Math.....hehehecheeky)

Here is another interesting number sequence thing I came up with. I have two Daughters, one born Feburary 22nd and the other on May 5th. So their birthdays consist of the same numbers - 2/22 and 5/5. How cool is that? Now connect that with my birthday which is March 4th and here is the number sequence if you put those birthdays in a certain order:


Can you say YOWZA? yes

04/15/18 09:52 PM #683    


Robert Cole

Ok Michelle.  I get it.  Playing hookey is how I attended most of my Cubs games at LTHS, anyway.  I should be used to it!

At $341 a night, I don't think I'm going to be at the Hotel Zach any time soon.  Although, it does look very nice.  Besides, I've got a son at Clark & Diversey and his couch is free!

I am going to be up there the weekend of May 4-6.  But, it's a family wedding so, no extras this time.  I do think it's been a while since I've seen any of my peeps up in Rogers Park.  So, I think a get together is in order some time this summer.  Should probably involve a Cubs game.  Reserved grandstand... 1st base side, of course.  And, I would definitely want to attend the Bicentennial Mega-Birthday party so, let's DO IT!  Don't worry, I'm Red Cross certified so we can all survive.  I've got friends on the CFD so we can probably get some EMTs to stand by.  Especially if we buy them a few beers!

You know, we have an EXCELLENT Triple-A team here in Indy, too.  The Indians.  Farm club for the Pirates.  And, our Victory Field is regularly voted the best minor league ballpark in the US.

Quite a few years ago, right after I moved here, I was at an Indians game in their old ballpark, a wonderful old place right in the middle of an industrial neighborhood.  Sitting in the front row, right behind 1st base.  Playing the Oklahoma City club.  Like Wrigley, the field and the players are right up close to the seats.  It was a boring game.  Not much action.  So, I spent the game talking with the 1st base coach for OK City.  Know who the coach was???  ERNIE BANKS!  It was a dream come true!  Got to spend the game chatting with Mr. Cub himself!  The fun of minor league baseball!

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