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06/29/19 01:12 PM #1015    


Robert Cole

Heading to Cincinnati, Great American Ballpark, to watch our Cubs best the Reds!

06/29/19 01:44 PM #1016    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Bob... maybe you could pitch today and bring us a Cubs win?

Heroes business was supposed to have been purchased 2 years ago but it's just been collecting dust since 2017.  Too bad... it would make a fantastic Alumni Center wouldn't it?  Anbody have about $900K they don't need?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Oh well... one can dream.  :)



06/30/19 10:39 AM #1017    


Robert Cole

Only if the Alumni Center also serves Hero's subs!

Cubs SPANKED Reds yesterday, 6-0, including a Grand Slam!
I sat in the sun through 97 degree weather. But it was worth it for a W!

06/30/19 11:21 AM #1018    


Timmy Wong

Robert, thanks for going out there and bringing us the W!!  This was good especially after your brother, Cole Hamel, went down on Friday!!

07/04/19 10:21 AM #1019    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Happy Independence Day Bicentennials!

07/04/19 11:50 AM #1020    


Ken Ortiz

Hello and happy 4th of July all,

It is with a sad heart that there is news that Mad Magazine is shutting down after 67 years. From the monthly magazine that I used to collect religiously in my school years, to their paperbacks I had like Spy vs. Spy, Dave Bergs "The Lighter side of" and "Snappy answers to stupid questions", Don Martin, Sergio Aragones, etc. Here is one story about it:

For a time it was my #1 magazine, so I salute you: Well done "You Usual Gang of Idiots!". You will live forever in my heart and funny bone.



07/05/19 09:38 AM #1021    


Robert Cole

Sigh! MAD Magazine and National Lampoon were what I spent my mispent youth on. Along with the underground comics from the local head shop. Yellow Dog comics and the Three Furry Freak Brothers. And Cheech & Chong albums!

07/15/19 01:18 PM #1022    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey can we get some Bicentennial golfers out this year?  Or if you're like me and don't golf, come for barbeque after!  And/or consider sponsoring the event or donating a silent auction item.  All proceeds from this event go to the LTAA Teacher's Innovation Grant Program that will kick off as soon as school starts.   

08/18/19 03:36 PM #1023    


John Simmers

Really happy and stoked for the success of our own fellow-mate --- Mike Goi. I've recently seen announcements for the premiere-dates that will mark the return of Mike to feature-film-making – as Director and Director of Photography, for the movie ‘Mary’.

The worldwide premiere of ‘Mary’ is announced to take place at the internationally-renowned Fright Fest (in London) – on August 24th, and, the wide release of the film is then to hit theatres – on October 11th.

Everything I’ve seen is very-favorable and highly-anticipating the release of the film --- including an article posted to a well-regarded British website for trending music news and reviews (entitled "FrightFest 2019: 10 must-see horror films at the UK’s upcoming ‘Woodstock of gore’”), which cites the "must-see" ‘Mary’ with the following:

“From the mind behind Megan is Missing, one of the most harrowing cautionary tales ever put to film, Michael Goi makes a welcome return to the director’s chair with Mary, a film that’s being pitched as ‘The Shining meets The Conjuring’. Featuring an all-star cast headed up by Gary Oldman and Emily Mortimer, Mary navigates the murky waters of seafaring horror as a family looking to start a charter-boat business buys an abandoned ship that harbors sinister secrets. Of course, it’s not long before strange and frightening events begin to terrorize the family once out on the briny deep.”

All the best Mike Goi !!!

Here’s the official-trailer for ‘Mary’ [2 minutes]:      

09/12/19 01:33 PM #1024    


John Simmers

OK. I’ve come to realize that we have some sports aficionados (avid fans and historians) available here – and, I need some help.

As for me, while I enjoy a gathering for a good game, I am otherwise admittedly and overtly sports-ignorant (long-story – didn’t grow up with it), and – so, I’ll apologize in advance too – if this is way obvious or way simple.

Another lesser sports fan and I have been trying to figure who the guy is that's sitting at the table in this picture (we're assuming he is a notable someone). The picture was taken very-late-sixties to very-early-seventies in Chicago, and, if it is someone of note, assuming he is a football-player – likely a Bear. 

09/13/19 12:33 PM #1025    


Andrew Flor (Flor)

First guess Ronnie Bull. Greg Konieczko, please confirm.Image result for ronnie bull

09/13/19 03:33 PM #1026    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Never heard of him but he's pretty dreamy...

And making an appearance at a drug store?  Was that a typical thing? I love the backdrop, especially the shelves of "Hair Tonics".



09/13/19 05:46 PM #1027    


Andrew Flor (Flor)

09/24/19 12:07 PM #1028    


John Simmers

Andrew --- Thanks so much for the help with the Ronnie Bull ID. Your information has done well to put some unreasonably inquiring minds to rest about the matter!

Michelle --- The picture was taken at Black Drugs, a two-aisle corner-drugstore in Albany Park (Sacramento and Montrose), where I worked from eleven-to-fifteen years-old (my first real job -- started at twenty-five cents/ hr. plus the tips I got for my bicycle Rx and 'sundry-item' deliveries). The owner - Sid Stern (the other person pictured), was also known to be 'the pharmacist' to the Bears, Bulls, Cubs and BlackHawks. Given that connection -- three or four times a year we'd close early for an autograph session at the store (the lines of kids and their parents would always be out the door and well down the block). Also, can't tell you how many times I was up on a ladder to dust that god-foresaken stock of hair-tonics.


09/25/19 04:40 PM #1029    


Michael Goi

"MARY," the new feature film I directed, will be released in theaters, VOD and Streaming on October 11th, 2019. It stars Gary Oldman and Emily Mortimer. Here is the trailer:

Hope you have a chance to check it out!

09/25/19 04:57 PM #1030    


Michael Goi

The first episode of "The Rookie" I directed for this season airs this Sunday on ABC!

10/07/19 04:27 PM #1031    


Alice Uchida (Spaulding)

Very cool, Michael Goi!

10/10/19 10:32 PM #1032    


Ken Ortiz


I will be looking forward to seeing it. The trailer was great. Congratulations and keep pumping out those shows and movies. I am already picturing me taking a date to see that movie and when she tells me how much she liked it, I can say...."Well, I was classmates with the Director in High School!" How many brownie points do you think that will be worth in terms of impressing her? yes

11/07/19 09:49 PM #1033    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

The Halloween snowstorm of 2019 (Happy Snowloween as some people are calling it) sure raised mass confusion among all the trick-or-treaters in our Southeast Wisconsin region (also in the Chicagoland area I heard). Some towns and villages decided to move the trick-or-treating to Saturday (Nov. 2), while some kept it on Oct. 31st. But also, some notices to move the date were not given until later in the afternoon, right before official trick-or-treat hours (4pm until 8pm). Why they even considered moving the date is a mystery to me, and probably to the rest of you too who, when young, did trick-or-treating on Halloween, regardless of the weather.

Anyway, I find that I have been embracing the Halloween season more as friends and I have been checking out some Haunted houses in the area, hitting a corn maze and doing more dress-up in costume activities and events. So I am wondering if any other of our 76 class is doing the same (I know a few did 80's dress-up recently for an event). So, here was my "Halloween" get-up this year, and I was able to use it several times this last week for various events. I am hoping this will get some of you to post your "costume/get-ups" you did for Halloween this year. Please share!

Let me introduce you to the: SOOOPER BOWLER! (I could NOT get these to become upright...sorry...)


P.S. - Yes indeed, some of those patches are YBA award patches I received during my bowling years at Lane and the wristband and bowling bag are also from many moons ago. Even my socks had bowling pins on them (a purchase from a local shop recently).

11/08/19 12:53 PM #1034    


Marie Costa (McJilton)

Great costume Ken!  You make a perfect SOOOPER BOWLER!  

11/11/19 09:02 PM #1035    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Greetings fellow Bicentennials!  I bring you news of two special activities happening through the Lane Tech Alumni Association...

#1 and Most Urgent.  In a meeting with the school administration last week, I learned that 44% of the current student body is low income and 4% homeless.  Many students are food insecure, and are unprepared for the winter... especially now that it arrived prematurely in Chicago this morning.  To that end, Lane has established a Food Pantry that we will be stocking after the holidays, but more importantly right now... a pop up "Winter Essentials Store" where students can visit the counseling office and get warm coats, hats. gloves, etc.  The Pop Up Store will open at school on November 20th so we are going back to our friends at the Unforgettable Bar and holding a drive for these items next Monday night.  If you are in Chicago... please come by the scene of our 60th birthday party and drop off (preferably new) gloves, hats, scarves and coats.  Since Lane now includes 7th and 8th grades, sizes needed run the full gamut from youth sizes to grown up extra large. If you are living out-of-state and wish to participate, send me an email at michellemweiner@gmail and we can figure something out.  I'm a great proxy shopper!

#2 And Not As Urgent But Just As Important:  We learned a while back that two Lane students were missing from the plaque and stone marker in Memorial Garden that commemorates classmates KIA during the Vietnam War.  There is also no mention of the many Lane alums who served and returned home.  So we are working towards correcting that with a new granite slab, laser-etched with all 26 names and honoring all Vietnam Era veterans who attended Lane.  (Thanks to Kris Erickson Hallowell for helping source this through her business...Lakeview Funeral Home).  We need to raise some $ to get this done so if you are passionate about this issue, feel free to go to and click on the "Donate" button which will take you to the appropriate page and give generously.  We are looking to dedicate the stone on Memorial Day 2020.


Thanks guys!


11/12/19 01:45 PM #1036    


Terri (Therese) Bresnahan (Reid)

Thanks, Michelle, for posting the information about our Lane Tech Veterans.  I remember, as a freshman, knowing Seniors who weren't going to graduate because they were going to be drafted before their graduation date.  I always wondered what happened to those young men who went over there.  I have two sons who served our country - David served in the Army Infantry and was deployed to Afghanistan, and Nathan served in the Air Force and was deployed in Kuwait.  I don't think I understood fear until I was a mom with sons over there.  I didn't realize the sacrifice families made when they sent their children overseas to fight for our country.  Now Veteran's Day takes on a whole new meaning to me.   

Both of my sons came home - although David has PTSD because of the things he experienced. One of the saddest things about our Veterans is the number of suicides they are experiencing.  David has lost so many friends to suicide and I understand that the largest number of Veteran Suicides are from the Vietnam Era Vets.  We need to do all we can do support, listen to, and try to get help for our veterans.  They have given so much to their country, it's time we give something back to them! 

Hopping off my soapbox now. smiley  Thanks again for your attention to this monument! 



11/13/19 10:05 PM #1037    


Cathy Vercillo (Sanders)

Terri, I am sure you are very proud of your sons. Please thank them for their service.


11/14/19 01:11 PM #1038    


Terri (Therese) Bresnahan (Reid)

Thank you, Cathy. I am very proud of them - and relieved that they are no longer active duty. 

11/18/19 11:51 PM #1039    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Thanks to the amazing Bicentennials who came out en masse tonight to represent, and do a good deed for the kids at Lane who need our help with winter essentials. Grads from 1954 to 2016 showed up, but it was the 76ers who ruled...

And your generosity will go a long way to make a big impact!  Thanks also to our classmates who couldn't make it to the event but sent in their donations... we are beaming out myrtle and gold love to all of you!

Check out the LTAA Faccebook page in the coming days for a report on the results of our efforts... but for tonight... you may sleep soundly knowing that you are amazing.


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