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12/23/18 01:23 PM #875    


Fredrica Holtzer (Berg)

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season! ❤️Rica




12/23/18 02:56 PM #876    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Season's Greetings Bicentennials!  

12/24/18 01:33 PM #877    


Marie Costa (McJilton)

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season! 



12/25/18 12:36 PM #878    

Scott Mikros

Merry Christmas, Marie and to all fellow Lanites!

12/26/18 08:17 AM #879    


Terri (Therese) Bresnahan (Reid)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!  I hope the New Year is filled with joy and delight for all of you!!! 

12/31/18 08:50 AM #880    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Peter and I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

12/31/18 10:14 AM #881    


Andrew R. Flor

Happy Holidays to too Todesco,were you naughty or nice?... Have to get together in the New Year.

01/01/19 08:33 AM #882    


Jeffery Mazur

You need to ask? 😂 lol . Wishing all a great healthy New Year 

01/02/19 01:59 PM #883    


Andrew R. Flor

Michelle, That is really a great piece of art. Amazing 1921. Can't read the full name. Wanted to Google it to see if this talented Laneite had an art career of any notoriety.

01/02/19 08:17 PM #884    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Andrew... I am so glad you asked... the Christmas Prep cover illustrator was indeed an artist of some note!  Willard Frederick Elms is definitely worth a Google.  He taught at the Art Institute and eventually moved to AZ like so many Chicagoans do right Georgette? You may recognize this poster of the Art Institute, or some of his other popular images.  So many contributions made by talented Laneites!!! 

01/03/19 01:30 PM #885    


Andrew R. Flor

Thanks Grand Poobah!

01/03/19 02:11 PM #886    


Andrew R. Flor

01/03/19 02:18 PM #887    


Andrew R. Flor

More great work by Willard!

01/03/19 02:52 PM #888    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Tickets went on sale today and already 28 of 90 are sold!  Looking forward to another good representation of Bicentennials!


01/04/19 09:26 AM #889    


John Simmers

Michelle and Andrew ...

Thanks for the added info, the link, and posts regarding Willard Elms' great-artistry.

Never stops amazing me how often an artist's rendering will do more justice for a subject - telling a better-story or proffering an actual-setting,  than any-one or even-more photos of the same, could ever do.

Great pride in the fact that his education and mine are shared in Lane-roots. 

01/04/19 01:51 PM #890    


Georgette Mihalko (Rath)

Really looking forward to seeing my fellow classmates at the Cubs vs. Sox game in Mesa, AZ on March 3, 2019! Go Lane!!

01/11/19 08:01 PM #891    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Fair warning all... we have 15 Bicentennial-Arizonians in our database and only 7 tickets left for the Cubs-Sox game on March 3rd at Sloan Park.  Buy 'em now if you want to join the Ingraffia-Rath-Weiner house band.  

01/12/19 11:58 AM #892    

Wally Bitaut

I would be interested in joining the crowd at the Cubs - Sox game.  Are these pre-purchased - how do I secure them?  

01/12/19 03:38 PM #893    


John Simmers

Responding to Wally Bitaut's post---- I believe the wisdom you seek is at .....


01/12/19 04:05 PM #894    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Thanks John Simmers!  I was at the Alumni Office looking for images for the next issue of the magazine in which you will have a byline!  Check out this cool shop picture from 1910!


01/14/19 02:35 PM #895    


John Simmers

Wow, having to wear a wool (I'm guessing)
three-piece-suit for shop class. Also - steam-driven
(again, I'm guessing) line-shaft belt-drive shop-equipment.
Each day - attending class, while at risk of your own life. 

Yep, that was definitely different back then, but, you really see
the difference - when you compare to the daily tasks of
our school-days (as in -- computer-science,
machine-shop, foundry, welding-shop, and print-shop):

[OK, I've actually not meant to draw any real comparison here.
But, while I do like the 1910 pic that Michelle posted (goes right to one
of my wheelhouses), and, while I chose to comment here, I also saw a wide-opening to post some throwback photos (for your contemplation or smiles [or both - your choice]) on this otherwise dreery winter's-day. I know I've missed a few (wood shop, auto shop, electric shop, etc.), but, hope these that I've plucked from our yearbook will have some good mem's attached]


01/15/19 09:29 AM #896    


Andrea M Adam

Thanks for the pix, John. Several of us from the "planning committee" aka Sunday Afternoon Drinking Club (SADC) were talking about the fact that we would use the liquid lead in print shop or whatever metals you would use in foundry, not to mention some major power tools in wood shop. I'm sure others could add their two cents to the number of dangerous implements we were allowed and encouraged to work and play with. We of course thought nothing of it but being exposed to those things now would likely constitute multiple law suits. 


My sister was in the Class of 1975 and there was a girl in her wood shop class that was sanding something on one of those big sanders with the large rotary blade. She slipped and sanded off the back of her hands. If that happened today, CPS would be in financial dire straits from the law suits. Oh wait, they already are. OOPS.


All kidding aside, it sure was a ton of fun. BTW- I still have a pair of my old drafting shoes. LOL

01/15/19 12:30 PM #897    


Andrew R. Flor

Thanks for the pic John. RIP, our good hockey buddy, Steve Mabry, "Babs" pictured on the bottom row, second from the right picture in the Lane Hockey jersey(green, gold and white away colors) with blonde hair. Defenseman on the JV and varsity hockey team....1976 Metro League NE Division Playoff Champs. We drove together to many a practice and game together and had lunch at the hockey lunch table at Lane almost every day.. Good memories. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Sorry to hear he passed away so early in life.


01/15/19 12:48 PM #898    


Andrew R. Flor

RIP, #6 Steve Mabry, Top row, second from the left. He was one of our most steady, solid defenseman... they were all so good. Not bad for a bunch of "ghetto kids" from Chicago as the suburban teams called us.

01/19/19 01:50 PM #899    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all and Happy 2019,

One of the things we have going for us, now that we are 60 (or approaching it in my case), is that we are identified as having a lot of wisdom and experience. You know, those “Been there, done that", “I have seen it all", “Same ol, same ol" moments. I even bought a t-shirt last year when I was in Houston that said “This Ain’t My First Rodeo" (it happened to be rodeo season when I was down there). And that T-shirt applied very well one time last year when I wore it while bowling in my league (but that is a story for another time).

Well, I am here to tell you that while we have pretty much “done it all", we can still experience those “My First Time Ever" moments. And let me tell you, those are so awesome because it touches that inner “still young at heart" and “newness of spirit and enthusiasm" that keeps us embracing life. I started off my 2019 with a “My First Time Ever" bowling achievement, and I have been bowling on and off (mostly on) for over 50 years. That surreal night on January 7th, 2019 also got me thinking about other “My First Time Ever" moments I have had recently and also one I will be having in May 2019 (“My First Time Ever" I will be going to do Las Vegas). So here are some of my more fun “My First Time Ever" moments I have had recently:

P.S. – I am sure you all can find some of your own “MFTE" (for all you acronym lovers) moments, and it could happen even when you are not expecting one.

I went Kayaking last August (post #755) – “My First Time Ever” I went kayaking.

I went to the Wrigley Field Tour last June – “My First Time Ever" I was inside the Cubs dugout, “My First Time Ever" I got a picture with a Cubs World Series Championship trophy (among other "MFTE's" that day).

Last September – “My First Time Ever" I went to a baseball game at Miller Park (Cubs vs. Brewers)

I have been to several Murder Mystery Dinner Theaters in downtown Milwaukee the last couple of years, but at one of them last year it was “My First Time Ever" I was chosen to be a participant/suspect. The funny thing was that the role they chose for me was to be a brainy nerd. Geeee…..that was not much of a reach for my “acting" abilities as I recalled very well my first two years at Lane. So I also got a “My First Time Ever" I won a Best Actor award at a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.

Last year was “My First Time Ever" attending a Kenosha Kingfish baseball game. It was also “My First Time Ever" catching a free Kingfish t-shirt thrown from the mascot. I went to another Kingfish game a month later and after the 8th inning of a pretty long game (as there were a number of empty seats by then), they played “YMCA" during the break. Well, guess who decided to go “full out" with his “disco Kenny" dance moves during that song, and because the seats next to me were vacant, I had a lot of room to strut around and boogie down. So when the game was over and I went to leave, a group of young women a few rows behind me gave me props for my dance moves and I even got a couple of high fives from them. Then one of them said that I was on the center field Jumbotron video board while I was dancing. I had no idea that happened. But that was “My First Time Ever" I was shown on a ballpark Jumbotron video board.

Sometimes you can be at the right place at the right time to get a “MFTE". Last November a group of us went to Medieval Times for a friends birthday. We were seated in the first row in the Blue Knight section and seated next to me (I was at one end of our group) was a girl (from a different group) with her mother and older sister. I found out it was that girls birthday as she was happy to let everybody know she was now 8. And she was really into this event with her lighted sword and cheering the Blue Knight on. A little bit later into the event, our blue knight rides his horse up to her, gets off, hands her some flowers and a sash, and tells her in that “dilly-dilly" voice “My fair maiden, you have been chosen as Princess of the Tournament for the Blue Realm! Very well done indeed!” Then he announces to us after her mom puts on her sash: “Raise a cheer for the Blue Princess! For she is the fairest of the fair in all the kingdoms!” We all start cheering and this girl was jumping up and down and then we all put out our hands up for high fives and she goes all through our section giving us high fives. Since I was seated next to her, I am sure I was also in the picture they took of her with her sash and lighted sword and paper crown. What a fun time it was to be a part of that. So I believe that was “My First Time Ever" I was seated next to a Medieval Times Princess.

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