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06/11/18 09:57 PM #700    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

I was too busy gabbing and didn't get many pictures but here are a couple.  I can see the back of Kristi's head and Jeff and Patty and Kathy and Kris and Maja just barely... and lots of 78ers.  I wish I'd gotten a picture of our color guard.  (all female!)  I heard from quite a few non-Lane friends who were there that night and texted asking if that was us making all that racket.  :)

06/11/18 10:13 PM #701    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Oh yeah, and then there was this...



06/15/18 10:50 PM #702    


Ken Ortiz

Kristi, June and Michelle,

Thank you so much for posting that info about the Alumni Night Cubs game and for those awesome pictures.

I want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father's day. 

The Humboldt Park area (where I grew up) will be hopping and buzzing this weekend with the Puerto Rican Parade and festival. Hopefully it will go calmly this year (unlike last year). So get your Salsa and Meringue shoes on!

06/17/18 09:47 PM #703    

Robert Hashimoto

So I'm out enjoying Father's Day with my daughter walking by Wrigley Field and I run into Ken Ortiz standing in line for the Wrigley tour.  It's a small world after all.

06/18/18 11:06 PM #704    


Ken Ortiz


It was great to see you there and meet your Daughter. You are right, it's a small world. Too bad we could not stay and catch up but they were starting the tour. Could you send me the pictures you took of us to me? I will post you my info.

Hello all,

I had a great time at Wrigleyville yesterday, we did fun stuff before the tour, we did the tour and we did fun stuff after the tour, so I have a lot of cool pictures. Here is one:


06/19/18 04:10 PM #705    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

That picture says it all!

06/20/18 03:15 PM #706    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Happy Birthday Greg Znajda! Enjoy your special day.

Thanks for all the great Cubbie photos, folks!  Nice that Bob ran into Ken before the tour of Wrigley Field. Looking forward to the full report!

Are there any 76'ers living in Boston? Landing there tomorrow for my first-ever visit to Cape Cod (family wedding).

06/20/18 10:02 PM #707    


Gregory R Znajda

Thanks Grace

06/22/18 09:56 AM #708    


Frank Powers

I just want to know if you still have the bow tie.  Happy Birthday Greg.  

06/22/18 06:15 PM #709    


Robert Cole

Heading to Cincinnati tomorrow for the Cubs/Reds game. Go Cubs Go!

06/23/18 08:10 PM #710    


Gregory R Znajda

Thanks Frank, I might actually have it somewhere.

06/25/18 09:26 PM #711    


Ken Ortiz


Let us know how your Cubs/Reds game went. I am pretty bummed that we got swept all 4 games by the "Big Red Machine" (aka Reds of the early 70's). I hope those Reds fans were not too hard on you Cubbie fans.

06/25/18 09:35 PM #712    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

I want to extend a warm welcome to all the new classmates that have joined our message forum recently. One recommendation I have for all of you and even for those who have been here longer if you have not done so is to take some time and go all the way to the beginning of this forum (page 1) and start with the posts there. There are a lot of great stories, pictures of the times we were there, and pictures of items we had (or still have) during our era. Also, please chime in with your memories/stories/comments that those earlier posts conjure up. Some of those earlier posts really helped me remember additional details of events that I did not recall before. A few examples: The Streaking Incident, The Senior Prom, The Stones Concert, The Division Picture Charactachure. I hope you enjoy this class forum and will be looking forward to your comments, stories, pictures and memories of your times at Lane as well as other times.

P.S - I got some more stuff "brewing in that R'NOGGIN" of mine so stay tuned.


06/29/18 09:56 PM #713    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

So, here is one of those wacky stories of mine that was brewing and that is now ready. Hope you enjoy it.

           I grew up in the Humboldt park area throughout all my "schooling" years (grade school, high school and college).  While my graduation from Lane Tech was relatively uneventful, I could not say the same about my college graduation. So, even though I went to Lane and IIT (both very highly academic), I was also learning "other" skills during the time I was living in the Humboldt Park area. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your take on it) I needed to use one of those "other" skills during my college graduation.  Here is the story: 

             It's May 1983 and the day of my graduation ceremony from IIT. I will graduate this day with a BSEE degree (with minors in pinball and bowling). I get to the parking lot and I am wearing my cap and gown when I walk out of my car and I start toward Herman Hall, which is where the graduation ceremony will be. I notice ahead of me in the parking lot a commotion by a car parked there. I see a nice looking car (maybe a Lincoln), and an older guy working on the door handle and a few other people gathered around the car. Apparently they are all guests of one of the graduates. I also realize that he had locked his keys in the car with the engine running and he and his family are panicking because he can't open the door to shut off the engine and get his keys. Now I can see that they are from the burbs and affluent, an inner city guy like me can just sense that. So I go to them and tell them that I think I can help. Now recall that I am still wearing my graduation cap and gown and getting a college degree today as I go back to my car, pull out my trusty coat hanger, go to his driver side window, proceed to work it with my trusty coat hanger, get his door unlocked, go inside, turn off his engine and hand him back his keys in a matter of a few minutes.

             As I am handing him back his keys, I notice that he is staring at me with his mouth open and a dumbfounded look on his face and so are the rest of his family.  So I look at them and say "I grew up in Humboldt park" and walk away and back toward Herman Hall. When it came time for me to walk up and receive my diploma, I heard a cheer from where my family was sitting, but I also heard seperate cheering from a different spot in the auditorium, where I made some new fans earlier that day in the Herman Hall parking lot. I was sure they were thinking along the lines of: "What was his degree in, Grand Theft Auto?"

06/30/18 11:09 AM #714    


Timmy Wong

Kenny, that is an awesome story.  I remember hanging out at IIT with you and a few other Laneites from our class.  The rec room was a popular place where we played pinball, foosball and shot pool.  The main floor at Herman Hall was also good for ping pong.  After those fun times, I am not sure how we passed our calsses and made it to graduation!!

07/02/18 10:15 PM #715    


Ken Ortiz

Greetings Sir Timothy,
There were a handful of brave squires from our 76 class that went on this quest so they could learn great things from the wizards and sages at the Royal Institute of the EYE-EYE-TEE. Some others I remember were Sir Gregory of Kow, Sir Iggy, Sir Robert of the Beckers, Lord "Stormin" Norman, keeper of Castle Catalpa and finally, my comrade at arms Sir David the Cuzmanian, follower of Ted the Nugent, whose Berzerker rages in battle earned him the title "The Cuzmanian Devil".
Where beneath the great Hall of Hermann, Sir David and I, members of the secret society of "The BOG", trained tirelessly in the lost art of "Flippery" and were also selected to become "Holy Rollers of the Mystical Orbs" for the Royal Institute. Upon leaving the Royal Institute, we were both awarded the Royal EYE Crests for "Mystical Orbing" mastery as our Institute partook and placed well in many orbing tournaments and defeated many of the surrounding realms during our time there.
Sir Kenneth of Kenoshia

07/03/18 09:33 AM #716    


Timmy Wong

Sir Kenny of Ortiz, we need to add other 76er's who with us at Aye Aye TEE - Sir Glenn of Itano (RIP) and Sir Davis of Moy (now married to my cousin - yikes)!  BTW, Sir Iggy is now retired from CPD and is living in the Happiest Place on Earth, the Kingdom of Disney!!

07/09/18 07:48 PM #717    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Since my 60th birthday was coming this year, my husband Peter asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. I found out the Cubs were playing at home on my birthday (7/8). Problem solved! I also found out Michelle Weiner was taking her son, Daniel, to the game for his birthday too. So we decided to meet up for a birthday drink before the game. What a great time we had! We were sitting on opposite sides of the field so we said our goodbyes and went to the game.  Then I had the surprise of my life in the fifth inning when my name appeared on the Jumbotron. What??? Of course Pete had told Michelle before, who was ready to snap this photo. The Cubs, in their usual fashion, left us on the edge of our seats. I kept praying for a W on my birthday and my prayers were answered! It was a walk off win but that’s ok. My birthday could not have been more perfect! 

07/10/18 09:30 AM #718    


Timmy Wong

Janet, that sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration with an exciting Cubs W!  Happy birthday!!

07/10/18 10:04 AM #719    


Robert Cole

Janet. Happy Birthday and lucky you! I went to Cincinnati to watch our Cubs get CRUSHED 12-1!

I did like Great American Ballpark, though. Much better that the old Riverfront Stadium. Still no Wrigley, though!

07/10/18 02:57 PM #720    


Andrew R. Flor

Sounds perfect!....well at least the ballpark part! Lol! 

07/10/18 02:59 PM #721    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

Belated birthday wishes, Janet! What a wonderful way to celebrate - and with a W!

07/10/18 11:16 PM #722    


Ken Ortiz


That is an awesome story and belated birthday wishes. It's really cool to see the Lane Tech/Cubs connections we have been having lately. 

07/10/18 11:19 PM #723    


Ken Ortiz


Thank you for remembering some other Lane/IIT alums. I am sure there will be others that will come to mind in the future. 

07/15/18 07:04 AM #724    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Thanks guys for the birthday wishes. I can only hope your birthdays are as special as mine! I’ve been 60 now for a week and it’s not so bad!!!

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