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05/09/19 01:38 AM #966    


Donna M. (Aka "Ria") Majeske

Roberta Flack/Arie Crown/1972. Family outing. Opener was then-relatively-unknown George Carlin and his "Seven Dirty Words" routine!


05/09/19 10:31 AM #967    


Frank Powers

It's a lot harder to remember the 1st concert than I thought.  It may have been Kansas, Rush and Starcastle at the Aragon Ballroom.  Maybe it was Frank Zappa at the Uptown theater.  Back when Journey was good (first three albums before Steve Perry) at the Riviera theater. 

Things were a little cloudy back then, might be why its hard to remember.  :)

05/09/19 11:57 AM #968    


Andrew R. Flor

Had to be The Stones.

05/09/19 12:32 PM #969    


Andrew R. Flor

Update on Johnny B's/ Blackhawk Alumni  bowling fundraiser: Aside from the numerous raffle items on hand that Johnny has arranged for, I will be bringing several donations that would be of interest to any die hard Blackhawks fan, i.e., an autographed Tony Esposito mask, and autographied Duncan Keith hat, stick blade autographed by Chris Chelios, Denis Savard, Tony Esposito and Bobby Hull, an autographed Bobby Hull puck and poster and a Blackhawk sweater autographied by The Golden Jet himself. Several former Blackhawks will be in attendance and most likely current players. Hope a few of you guys can make it tomorrow to show support for one of our own who is raising money for a good cause.

05/09/19 01:56 PM #970    


Andrew R. Flor

FYI, David Crosby is at The Arcada on Monday.

05/09/19 02:53 PM #971    


Frank G Styzek

First Concert - Rare Earth - Arie Crown Theater - January 1975..

05/09/19 03:23 PM #972    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

I recall seeing the Carpenters at the Arie Crown with Girl Scouts but my first unchaperoned, "why does it smell so weird in here?" concert was Styx at the Lane Auditorium... right Kris Hallowell?

In the meantime... thanks to all the Bicentennials who have purchased Cubs tickets for alumni night at Wrigley on the 22nd.  Because we have to adapt to the new, pain-in-th-neck digital ticketing process with MLB, our alumni tickets sales will close tomorrow night.  Any unsold tickets will be returned to Wrigley and no last-minute accommodations will be possible so buy 'em today or tomorrow folks... and I'll do what I can to seat all '70s peeps close to one another.

05/10/19 12:52 PM #973    

Gregory Calvimontes

First concert was Chicago at the Chicago Stadium in 74. 

05/11/19 08:59 AM #974    


Robert Cole

Not first, but best... Super Bowl of Rock. Soldier Field. 1977. Emerson Lake & Palmer with the full orchestra, J. Geils Band, Foghat, Climax Blues Band, etc. Week later, went back to see Pink Floyd!

05/11/19 09:01 AM #975    


Robert Cole

Frank Zappa, Poughkeepsie NY. Grateful Dead, Saratoga NY. So many great shows!

05/11/19 04:42 PM #976    


Kevin O Mooney

Jethro Tull Friday Nov 10, 1972 at the Chicago Stadium

05/12/19 03:20 PM #977    


John Todesco

Here's one for ya kids................Cat Stevens at the Stadium, 1971.  Two months later Eagles with warm-up Dan Fogelberg.

05/13/19 08:20 AM #978    


Jeffery Mazur

Not counting the Dave Clark Five, the doobies or Elvis, forgot which was first. Both with Graff, Grabowski and Luk

05/13/19 03:41 PM #979    


Patricia Hodge (Hanes)

First was 3 Dog Night in '74, Elton John in '74 and another time but I don't remember the year.  Elvis in 76, a year before he died.  He was so out of it, he couldn't finish any songs because he forgot the words.  Very sad but great seats up close.

John, I would have loved to have been at that Eagles concert with warm-up Dan Fogelberg.  Two of my favorites!

05/13/19 04:15 PM #980    


Robert S Young

Well, first concert was John Denver, Chicag Stadium, 75 or 76, with my girlfriend Karen. And she’s still my girlfriend! Pretty lame, I suppose, but it was a great show!

05/14/19 01:55 PM #981    


Edward Mc Carthy

Robert Scott Young.......I recall many times your mom would shout that in the house.  How are you brother?  And speaking of is Eric?  And your sister Sarah?  Seeing your picture brings back crazy memories or V-dubs and Fairlanes.  First concert was Flash Flash Cadillac, Santana, America, and the Eagles at Ravina.  First indoor conceret......KISS.  Be well my friend.  Ed

05/14/19 03:14 PM #982    


Jeffrey C Juhasz

Styx 1974 @ St. Pat's High School.

Drove the family 1971 Green Pinto

05/15/19 02:27 PM #983    


Mike Burgquist

What memories. 1975 America at Arie Crown, Chicago and Beach Boys at Chicago Stadium and The Who also at the stadium. Locked the keys in the car at the stadium . Could not find anyone with a slim gym to get in the car. My date was getting a little scared because the lot quickly emptied out. Had to break the window. Good Times

05/15/19 02:40 PM #984    


Edward Mc Carthy

Another day with no rain...........

05/15/19 02:43 PM #985    


Edward Mc Carthy

You know you are getting old when you look at a recent picture of a performer we grew up with and they look so much older.....and we say, wow, have they aged.. Well.......We all have!  

05/19/19 02:45 PM #986    


Alice Uchida (Spaulding)

Hey, hey! Our Cubs outing is this week! I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who will be at Wrigley Field on Wednesday evening. Speaking of which --- who will be there?

05/19/19 05:18 PM #987    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey Alice... I can't see names but I see 27 tickets purchased by 76ers, 5 by both the classes of '75 and '77 and 8 by the class of '78. Just under 600 total in our group! All the 70s peeps will be seated near each other.  I have one extra ticket if anybody wants to join us last minute.

05/20/19 01:42 PM #988    


John Todesco

Another Lane Alumn making a difference!  Johnny Burke, Class of '76

Serving Chicago's Great Northwest Suburbs

Monday, May 20, 2019


Johnny Burke Marks 25 Years Of Fundraising, Bowling Party In Arlington Heights Benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities

By Denise Fleischer | on May 08, 2019

Johnny B’s 25th Annual Scotch Doubles Candlelight Bowling Party, benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago, is set for 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 10 at Beverly Lanes in Arlington Heights.

“This year I am trying to match or exceed the $16,000 raised at last year’s event,” said Johnny Burke of Palatine, the event’s organizer. “To accomplish this goal, I’ll be selling special raffle tickets prior to and during the bowling party. These tickets can be sold to anyone because the winner need not be present to win.”

Burke started the event 25 years ago to raise money for his bowling team. After meeting the Delanty family, whose son passed away from leukemia in 1988, and going to Camp One Step, which is a camp for kids with cancer, Burke joined the Delanty Family Golf Invitational by giving funds raised from his candlelight event to Camp One Step.

The family created The Brian Delanty Funds where their son was treated at the University of Chicago Wyler’s Children’s Hospital and Children’s Memorial Hospital. The funds provided money to the hospitals to assist families with their daily living expenses. Burke’s Candlelight Bowl event raised over $200,000 for the Brian Delanty Fund.

The Delantys ended their fundraising and dissolved the foundation in 2016. Burke had to find another 501(c) (3) sponsor that could donate the candlelight event funds to a Chicago area charity.

“In 2018, we joined forces with the Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Association who will make the donation on our behalf to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago,” said Burke. “The proceeds of the 2017 and 2018 candlelights were donated this past summer to the Ronald McDonald Houses. Total donation was $26,100.”

Burke is hoping for another successful fundraiser. “Together we can make a difference in the lives of sick children and their families,” he said.


05/20/19 05:56 PM #989    


Edward Mc Carthy

Michelle,  I would love to go but business has me on the west coast, SoCal for the week.  Have fun everyone.  Go Cubs Go, go Cubs go, ...........................the CUBS are gonna win today.   Image result for cubs

05/20/19 06:46 PM #990    

Gregory Calvimontes

Flying in tomorrow. Doing legal paperwork for mom on Wed. Then heading to The Friendly Confines. Looking forward to seeing you guys. Go Cubs!!!

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