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05/23/19 05:40 PM #998    


John Simmers

Marie --

Good @#994 question - I had to give that some thought. The first concert that I had to pay to go see was Barry Manilow at the Chicago Theatre in December 1989. It was a surprise for my girlfriend at that time.


05/28/19 11:50 PM #999    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

One of the highlights of last Wednesday...

05/29/19 09:49 PM #1000    


Ken Ortiz

John - That was an amazing story. Thank you for sharing.

Michelle - Appreciate the ballgame pictures. I am sure it was a great time there. Looking forward to more photos and recaps about the meet.

05/29/19 10:18 PM #1001    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)



05/29/19 10:19 PM #1002    


Edward Mc Carthy


05/29/19 11:42 PM #1003    


Ken Ortiz

Holy crap! What timing! I had no clue I would be the "Un Mil" poster! And I have not posted in a while, seeing I have been heaps busy and also that I spent a craaazzy fuuuunnnn week in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to see what my prize is gonna be. cheeky

05/30/19 11:43 AM #1004    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

How about a new Christmas sweater?

Ken, I am in Las Vegas now, getting a little poorer each day!


05/30/19 03:44 PM #1005    

Steven H. Yamasaki

The Cubs Legends video shown at the alumni night game featured Phil Cavaretta, another Lane alum.


05/30/19 04:12 PM #1006    


John Todesco

How about a bottle of Exedrin Arthritis Fomula for writer's cramp?

05/31/19 04:12 PM #1007    


Jeffery Mazur


06/10/19 09:43 PM #1008    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

John and June... you are slightly hilarious.  Steve... the Cavaretta feature was no coincidence at Alumni Night at Wrigley.  It was a special accommodation for us.  NOW... who can go see Rocketman this Saturday night?  If they are showing it at the Davis in Lincoln Square, we could all have a post-film drink together at the bar right there, or across the street at Daily News or Huettenbar.  Plenty of parking available in the hood.  What say you all?  Can't see show times for Saturday yet but I have to believe it'll still be there. Anybody in?

06/11/19 12:50 PM #1009    


Gregory Calvimontes

Coming into town this weekend. May be up for it.

06/12/19 10:01 PM #1010    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)



Davis Theater, 4614 North Lincoln Ave.

Saturday, June 15

6:45 PM

Tickets purchased.  Seats H1 & H2  All other seats available (as I type at 8PM on Wednesday night).

Come join us!

06/15/19 03:48 PM #1011    


Per C Pearson

Sorry guys saw it already. No spoilers, but it was a great show! 

06/24/19 09:09 PM #1012    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

Yesterday afternoon, I passed by the Lane campus going north on Western avenue to my cousins house and I got to take a picture of the sign (shown below) that is on the corner of Western and Addison. I also passed by Hero's as I was crossing Addison. So, it raised a couple of questions:

1) Did we have any kind of sign there while we went to Lane? I do not remember anything on that corner, but 90% of the time I got on/off the Western bus at the southern part of the Lane Campus (Cornelia/Roscoe).

2) I noticed that Hero's was closed. But it still looks the same. I heard a while ago that it was going to be under new management, so is Hero's still in business and it is just closed on Sundays? I did not get a chance to view their hours as I was driving by.

06/25/19 11:41 AM #1013    


Timmy Wong

Kenny, back when we were at Lane there was no sign on the corner that I remember.  It certainly wouldn't have said "Lane Tech College Prep". Not sure about Hero's reopening since what I heard was that it was closed for good.


06/25/19 05:39 PM #1014    


Edward Mc Carthy

There was a sign that identified the school with the old letter tiles for announcements out front.  Nothing fancy.    

06/29/19 01:12 PM #1015    


Robert Cole

Heading to Cincinnati, Great American Ballpark, to watch our Cubs best the Reds!

06/29/19 01:44 PM #1016    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Bob... maybe you could pitch today and bring us a Cubs win?

Heroes business was supposed to have been purchased 2 years ago but it's just been collecting dust since 2017.  Too bad... it would make a fantastic Alumni Center wouldn't it?  Anbody have about $900K they don't need?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Oh well... one can dream.  :)



06/30/19 10:39 AM #1017    


Robert Cole

Only if the Alumni Center also serves Hero's subs!

Cubs SPANKED Reds yesterday, 6-0, including a Grand Slam!
I sat in the sun through 97 degree weather. But it was worth it for a W!

06/30/19 11:21 AM #1018    


Timmy Wong

Robert, thanks for going out there and bringing us the W!!  This was good especially after your brother, Cole Hamel, went down on Friday!!

07/04/19 10:21 AM #1019    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Happy Independence Day Bicentennials!

07/04/19 11:50 AM #1020    


Ken Ortiz

Hello and happy 4th of July all,

It is with a sad heart that there is news that Mad Magazine is shutting down after 67 years. From the monthly magazine that I used to collect religiously in my school years, to their paperbacks I had like Spy vs. Spy, Dave Bergs "The Lighter side of" and "Snappy answers to stupid questions", Don Martin, Sergio Aragones, etc. Here is one story about it:

For a time it was my #1 magazine, so I salute you: Well done "You Usual Gang of Idiots!". You will live forever in my heart and funny bone.



07/05/19 09:38 AM #1021    


Robert Cole

Sigh! MAD Magazine and National Lampoon were what I spent my mispent youth on. Along with the underground comics from the local head shop. Yellow Dog comics and the Three Furry Freak Brothers. And Cheech & Chong albums!

07/15/19 01:18 PM #1022    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey can we get some Bicentennial golfers out this year?  Or if you're like me and don't golf, come for barbeque after!  And/or consider sponsoring the event or donating a silent auction item.  All proceeds from this event go to the LTAA Teacher's Innovation Grant Program that will kick off as soon as school starts.   

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