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10/05/18 09:50 PM #823    


Gregory Konieczko

IF you did not hear it. ALL Chicago Public Sxmchool sports activities are cancelled until Tuesday because of the trial.

10/05/18 10:14 PM #824    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)


See everyone tomorrow... and if you haven't RSVP'd but still want to join in the celebration, just come on down!


10/06/18 01:12 AM #825    


Andrew R. Flor

Thanks Greg!

10/06/18 09:39 AM #826    


Georgette Mihalko (Rath)

Me hiding behind my big sister. Typical birthday party for us, sloppy joes and sushi 😳 My fellow Japanese buds will understand 👍❤️





10/06/18 03:54 PM #827    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Does anybody know whether we can get Lou Malnati's pizza delivered to the bar? There's a delivery/carryout place apparently walking distance from the Unforgettable Bar.

10/06/18 03:59 PM #828    


Grace Tanaka (Danziger)

Sorry I didn't make it to the game. Is LTHS winning?

10/06/18 10:55 PM #829    


Debra L Dabisch (Laumer)

Sorry I could not make it to the big bicentennial birthday celebration. Happy 60th birthday to all the 1976’ers! Many more to come! 🎉🎈🎂🎈🎉

10/07/18 09:33 AM #830    


Georgette Mihalko (Rath)

I posted photos from our Birthday Bash on Facebook but I don’t see a way to post the album on this site. Any suggestions? It was such a fun time. I was so disappointed that Ken didn’t break into an acronym rap!


10/07/18 10:44 AM #831    


Timmy Wong

That was a fun birthday party at the Unforgettable Bar!  It was great to see everybody and catch up!  Thanks to Michelle and Janet and others for putting this together!

10/07/18 06:22 PM #832    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

What a great time!  Thanks to Janet, Andrea, Peter, Mickey, Stoyan, Marie and Andrew for making out 60th Birthday party so awesome!  Janet, Andrea and Mickey made a lot of the food, and Janet we loved the vintage candy and giant picture frame!  Thanks too, to everyone who took time from their busy schedules to stop by for a couple drinks and a few laughs... especially those of you who flew in from out of state.  Now that's real Bicentennial-Sexegenarian spirit!  Photographers can click on "1976 Photo Gallery" on the top menu bar and add your album to our collection.  Now what's next?  Our 45th?!?!


10/07/18 06:41 PM #833    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)


Our 60th birthday party can be divided into 3 major surprises. 

Surprise No. 1: On Friday night I get a text message from Debbie Tono asking me if we can pick her up from O'Hare on the way to our birthday party. YES!!! I was beyond excited! What a nice surprise! Since she lives in Colorado I do not get to see her nearly enough. The party crew was arriving at the bar early to set everything up. We were very grateful to have an extra hand. 

Surprise No. 2:  As we are busy setting up the table, a hooded woman walks in. I look to see who it is and realize it is Georgette! I screamed loud enough to be heard for miles. It seems she had planned on coming for about a month before but decided to surprise me. I later found out that just about everyone else knew she was coming, but me. Even my husband knew! Every time I would ask him to see the list of who was coming, he would go in and delete Georgette’s name and email it to me. He would then go back in and add her name so Michelle would have a complete list. Although I had talked to the party crew on multiple occasions in the last month - no one said a word about her coming. Although I love my Lane Tech classmates, I’ve learned how sneaky you all are and that you can’t be trusted! 

Surprise No. 3: A little while later, who walks in? Marie Costa McJilton! Wow!!! She has been having some medical issues which has left her isolated at home. This event was so important to her that she risked venturing out into the land of germs and bacteria. She didn’t get to stay long, but we were honored that she came at all. We love you Marie!  As more and more people arrived, the day just got better & better. I think this will go down as one of the best days of my life. Thanks to you all!                                                                                                                                               


10/07/18 08:05 PM #834    


Ken Ortiz

“The power of the collective"

Did you sense it? Did you feel it? I did and it was amazing! It lifted my spirits and rejuvenated me and I hope it did the same for you. Connecting with each and every one of you mattered to me, because the bottom line is that YOU ALL MATTER TO ME! You all are important to me whether I knew you well at Lane or not. It's just that bond, that connection that our class of 76 has that makes us awesome in so many ways. Look at the testament from our get together. Some came from long distances, some braved health issues, some have other burdens in their lives, but WE were worth braving all that for. Not to mention braving bad traffic, city driving, parking issues, and yes, even public transportation issues to get here.

So Happy Birthday and kudos to the “I am 60 this year group", them still being the ONLY Lane Tech Beddian Birthday/Cubs World series group (in 2016), as well as being bi-centennial graduates. And kudos to all the Lane class of 76’ers that came and celebrated and shared this day and created such a powerful collective aura and spirit that I hope made you all realize how much you all mean to each other and to me. I have nothing but love and best wishes for our group of 76'ers and I wish I could have stayed until the end and engaged with some of you more (and I definitely want to know about how the rest of the evening went). I will be looking forward to future meet-ups (big or small, individually or in a group, I am game, just let me know).

Hopefully, news and pictures of this get together can make it to those 76'ers that were not able to make it or who are still not yet on board with us. I have a few I can share this with, maybe some of you have some too. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the pictures that were taken yesterday.


10/07/18 10:20 PM #835    


June K Hori (Yamasaki)

It was a lot of fun getting together and catching up with fellow '76ers! Many thanks to those who helped put it

all together.

Debbie, too bad about your Rox, getting swept by the Brewers. I think a little of that Cubs stink rubbed off on your guys when they were at Wrigley last week. Well now we can both root for Milwaukee to fold!

10/08/18 02:14 AM #836    


Deborah "Debbie" Tono

What a great event! Thanks to all the organizers for their months of brainstorming & planning, for the many hours of cooking & craftsmanship, all to make the bar festive & food-worthy and to pull it off so others could enjoy & converse at ease! You picked a great place to host it! I loved that it was casual, unpretentious and located in the city...the city where we all grew up and called home back then (and many still do!).

For those unable to attend, you were missed! It was a fun afternoon as noted by Janet, Ken, June, Georgette, Kathy (check out FB for the photos!!!), Michelle & others!

I admit, I wasn't planning to attend but at the last minute I said "What the heck...why not?" as I was having a difficult week and needed a diversion. As I work for a commercial airline (along with Kathy & Taina!) and am fortunate to hop on a plane at a moments notice (no hefty air fare to fork out) and that Janet & Pete were gracious enough to be Uber AND Ingraffia Inn & Suites was was well worth the time & effort (the Ingraffia's heard all about the stress I endured up to that point!)!

For those of you reticent about the sound of "another reunion", well toss your name into the hat & say "What the heck...why not?". I'm so glad I did and you will be too!

(yep - Rocktober came to an end today...the Brewers whooped our butts - swept the series and handed the Rockies their last hoorah. Plus the Broncos return with their tails between their legs as they were handed a huge "L" today as well. It was a sad day in Colorado!...and no, I will not be cheering for the Bears as the season is still young!!!)



10/08/18 12:46 PM #837    


John W Kownacki

Hey, Glad you all had a great event.
Sorry I couldnt make it , had major elbow surgery the day before and was released on Saturday .

10/08/18 02:36 PM #838    


Taina Lahdekorpi (Seaman)

A big THANK YOU to all who put this birthday party together! Really appreciate the work that went into organizing this very special event. Seeing everyone was so much fun and it’s as if no time has passed! Hope there will be more gatherings in the not too distant future. We have a unique bond and fraternity that is so rare in today’s world of fleeting relationships. Thanks and big hugs to all!!!

10/08/18 11:35 PM #839    


Per C Pearson

Many thanks to everyone who planned and worked on the event. The food spread was over the top!

It was great to see all of you again! A few people I have not seen since the ceremony in the stadium.The FB photos cover the event pretty well. I'm trying to load mine on the class creator site but it seems to be getting the best of me. They will get there somehow.

John Todesco and I were chatting away about life, past and present when he said, "There was something special about this class" I agree.




10/09/18 03:56 PM #840    


Brian Burgeson


I am so sorry that I couldn’t make the party. I would have liked to have gotten to know everyone. I was in classes with some of you.  It sounds like everyone had a great time. I miss Lane and wish I had been more active in school events. Reading everyone’s posts reminds how much I missed out. Someday I hope to make it to an event and meet everyone. 

10/11/18 02:21 PM #841    


Janet Peterson (Ingraffia)

Brian, just come on out! A lot of us are newly acquainted, but we have a lot in common. It is a pretty fun group and we would welcome you! Hope to see you soon! 

10/11/18 07:15 PM #842    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Okay... if last weekend left you wanting more Bicentennial togetherness, the Alumni Association is hosting one of those sip and paint parties in Logan Square next month, but at this session we'll be painting a custom composition featuring the Lane Clocktower!  Don't worry if you aren't a painter, the teachers make it idiot-proof, and the fully stocked cash bar will provide all the liquid courage any artist needs!  $26 for canvas, paint, lesson and snacks.  Drinks in the $5-$8 range.   The wonderful owners are current Lane Tech parents so let's show them some myrtle and gold love!  Register at the alumni website:

10/11/18 08:59 PM #843    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

I was really bummed that I could not stay longer for the 60th birthday party but I had to pick up my sister at Midway that evening. I do have some questions about the party:

1) How late did the party go until? Or in other words....who was the last Laneite to crawl out (or get thrown out) and what time was that?

2) How many total 76'ers attended? I did notice a list there, but it looks like additional folks showed up.

3) Did anyone bust out any disco dance moves?

Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to those who planned and set-up this event, to those who prepared the great food, to those who housed and/or drove out of town classmates, to those who encouraged other classmates to attend this awesome party, and finally, to those who did other "behind-the-scenes" work to make this a truly awesome event. Very well done all of you!

(Wondering if anyone on the planning committee needed to dust off and boot-up their old MacIntosh, launch MacProject, print out a couple of PERT charts, and identify the Critical Path)

Acronym rap.........hmmmmmm.......the gears are turning.......while Rappers Delight song (LP version of course) is playing in the background.......

10/12/18 07:16 AM #844    


Peter Ingraffia


we had 48 alums show up for the event, give or take one or two. 

I’m sure others can comment about who were the last to leave..... 

I didn’t have to boot up any old technology to keep track of payments (unless MS Excel is now considered old), and those into technology will be glad to know I deposited all of your checks using my I-Phone. 

And just to echo some of the other comments about the event..... I was talking to some of the bar regulars and encouraging them to get some  food as there was plenty, and they were amazed that we have a high school class that is still so close and does these fun events. It’s not something any of their local schools ever do. Just another example of the spirit of Lane and some lifetime friends. 




10/15/18 10:38 AM #845    


Georgette Mihalko (Rath)

The Birthday Bash was an AWESOME event!! I had a blast. It was really wonderful to see old friends and make new friends. I think John Todesco was the last to leave! wink Oh wait we walked out together... Kathy, Taina, Grace, John, Larry, Greg, hummm did I miss any other night owls? I mean gosh it was 9 PM. We might have turned into pumpkins or something had we stayed any later devil

10/15/18 11:00 PM #846    


Per C Pearson

When I left, Paul Smolk and Greg Konieczko were at the last ones at the bar. I'm not sure which of the two walked out the door first. Paul, Greg any feedback? One of you was the official closer.

11/09/18 10:30 PM #847    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

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