Maja Wiesinger Ramirez

Profile Updated: June 25, 2019
Maja Wiesinger
Residing In Chicago, IL USA
Spouse/Partner Mario Ramirez
Occupation Police Officer; 019th District West, Chicago Police Department
Children Morgan Inger, 2002
Yes! Attending Reunion

I was on "the 5-year program" at UICC from 1976 till 1986 - kept stopping classes to work and vice versa.
The CPD picked me up in 1982, second class off the list of 1980 or '81, I am seriously thinking of retiring sooner rather than at the bitter end 63 yoa). I've worked patrol, the squadrol, tactical, lock-up, desk, review. For 8-1/2 years I was "attached" to the court where I did summonses and warrants from my own office, steady days/weekends off; now I'm back on the police desk at Belmont/Western where there are no more courthouses, and do any "normal" work hours start at 0500? So tired!
I'm #2 in seniority in the entire City's worth of like 10,000 blueshirts, I won't be getting promoted, and the #1 person came on before me and is younger - so if HE stays to the end I will STILL never reach #1. Time to go!

Co-leader to my daughter's various level Girl Scout troops, now all her interest is dormant ;-( -- but she's thinking of becoming an EPIDEMIOLOGIST.

For 15 years I studied tai chi chu'an, shaolin, and weapons.
I've volunteered as a Master Gardener and am still OpenLands' TreeKeeper #467.

Because it had been so long since I'd been in school, I had to take an exam before Dominican would let me in to work on a Master's in Library/Information Sciences - I was nervous but scored well enough to join Mensa, surprising the b'jeebers out of my twin brothers (LTHS Class of 1981). A couple years ago I gave a presentation at Mensa Chicago's annual meeting about the many wrongs of outdoor cats.

I was the night nurse as my mother declined and died in August 2011.
Two days after that I gritted my teeth and returned to Dominican, and got my Master's the following year.

I've had many letters to editors printed, especially in the Chicago Tribune,and more recently articles in ChiMe, the magazine of Chicago Area Mensa, and American Mensa' The Bulletin; a piece of fiction is coming in Mensa's literary journal Calliope.

School Story

In freshman English one day we had a substitute. The boy who sat diagonally behind me thought he'd be cute and pulled my strap. I stood up cursing like a banshee as he cowered and I slapped at his face. The sub, horrified, got me for five periods of discipline for swearing, inciting a fight, and fighting.
When our regular teacher came back a day or two later, I told her what had really happened. She got me excused from my remaining discipline and got the boy TEN periods, after which he never even said BOO to me.

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Happy day to my vintage friend!

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John, that 1-minute video was hilarious! Now THAT'S who I want to be when I "grow up"!

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Does she know what school she wants to attend? Our Morgan's at Walter Payton College Prep on Wells St, it's considered on the smaller side with 1000 students, about 250 in each class, very tough to get in but she's super bright, and very happy there. It doesn't help to know anybody - and Bruce Rauner found out, you get bad press for paying $250K to get your kid in when you really live in the 'burbs, I think he had to pay a stiff fine but he got elected Gov anyway!

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Wishing you a great day for the -- FORTY-FORTH time ever!!!
It was so great to see you -
Love ya!