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03/14/21 08:40 PM #1283    


Deborah "Debbie" Tono

Thanks for the song John!!! Needed a pick-me up as we're up to 20+ inches of snow at DIA & my coworkers are valiantly working round the clock to keep the facility open, safe & plowed! They're real troopers & hero's this weekend (as I was too chicken to venture out & will be working remotely until probably Tuesday or even Wednesday!).  They're the fearless & bold of Snowstorm Xylia!!! Thanks again for the cheer! 


03/15/21 11:32 AM #1284    


Robert Cole

Debbie, been watching your part of the country on the news.  Sounds like Winter never ends!

Indianapolis was teased with some warm weather last week.  I was out all weekend cleaning up my garden beds and preparing for the spring.  Then... WHAM... I go out to walk the dog this moring and it's winter again!

Here in Indy... Winter is going so long I wonder what Spring and Summer are going to be like.  But, I don't want to head into Midwest Tornado Season, either.  And... pandemic-wise... when will I ever feel safe attending a summer ballgame again?

03/15/21 04:11 PM #1285    


Andrea M Adam


     Today is Lou Malnati's Day but due to the crappy weather out here in the far western suburbs and the fact that I'm not very close to the Lou's out here AND due to my less-than-stellar driving skills (just ask the Girls!!), I won't be able to contribute to the fundraiser. Instead, I made a donation to the alumni association which was more than I would have given in the funraiser. For those who can't get out today or are too far from any of the restaurants, I encourage you to make a donation to the alumni fund. It really does benefit us all. To everone else, ENJOY THE PIZZA!!!

03/15/21 05:09 PM #1286    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Awwwww... Andrea, you're the best!  I ordered online early this morning so looks like we're going to brave the elements but don't have too far to travel. Bob, I did the same as you and got all kinds of garden clean up done over the weekend and I just saw a big fat robin sitting on my fencepost so I'm going to consider this snow a cosmic hiccup that will pass soon.   After all... we did just spring forward!

03/15/21 05:17 PM #1287    


Patricia Hodge (Hanes)

John, thanks for sharing the Lane Song video - I loved it!  Funny how I have never forgotten the lyrics.  I shared it with my oldest son and 2 brothers who are also Lane Alumni.  I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it too!

03/17/21 05:02 PM #1288    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all, 

Time for me to acknowledge all these cool posts sent in by y'all. Keep em coming!:

Ed - Thank you for the birthday wish. I am always happy to represent and toot the Lane horn.

Michelle - There are also people that I know who know people who went to Lane, even though I have not yet met those Laneites. For example, I know a young couple in Kenosha and one time when we were talking I mentioned to them that I went to Lane, the woman says her father went to Lane and I believe he also lives around here, but I have not yet met him. Next time I meet them, I will have to ask her what year he graduated and other sordid details about him.

John - Great video. Lane ROCKIN IN DA HOUSE. I like that there were a couple of older folks participating and that guy in the top middle who was really belting out the song passionately ("He sure can wail" <---- pseudo movie quote from Wayne's World") looks kind of familiar. Hmmmmm.....

Timmy - I got that Lane shirt at our 40th reunion, but I am now hesitant to wear it in public. Have you gotten any "clapback" (I am trying to be Gen-Z hip) when you have worn it out and about?

Debbie - Yikes! That's a lot of snow dumpage. I saw some scenes in the news. Hang in there. We got snow on Tuesday and it's funny how a lot of people were bummed about that after the period of very mild weather we had before that. Most of forgot that it's only March. At least the majority of snow that was dumped on us beforehand mostly melted.

Guess what Today is? Happy St. Patrick's Day all! I was able to find a few cool green items to wear (with a cool substitute for the Lane Alumni shirt):


03/18/21 12:13 PM #1289    


Edward Mc Carthy

Kenny.....was that "wail", or, hurl"?   LOL.  Waynes World is so....70's.  Love it.   And Kenny, if there was a trophy for most prolific contributor would be in the running brother.    And that's a good thing.  Afterall, isn't the prupose of this board to share.  I enjoy commenting as well now and again and absolutely enjoy reading what everyone posts.  Funny how is all comes back to you.

L-A....L-A....L-A-N-E.  T-E ..... T-E....T-E-C-H.   L-A-N-E T-E-C-H....Goooooo LANE!

Photo provided by Don DeBat

03/19/21 09:51 AM #1290    


Robert Cole

Cigarette ashes... cigarette butts...

That's a cheer I used that I won't complete in this forum!

04/08/21 09:25 PM #1291    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hop on the virtual Western Avenue bus and check out some architectural gems you probably never noticed as a student, as well as some really cool new buildings.  There will of course be a special stop at Addison and Western!  Register here:

04/12/21 10:58 AM #1292    


Robert Cole


Cool!  I'll be there.

I used to hear that, when the lights were properly synched, you could travel the entire length of Western Aveneue at 27mph and never stop!  That would have been a cool ride!

My dad told me he was in the foundry class that made a gift of the chain that went around the entire grounds of the campus. If it's still even there I don't know.

04/12/21 03:14 PM #1293    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

I cannot imagine the odds for hitting all green lights on Western for even a few blocks, but for those who aren't in Chicago any more, it sure looks different at Belmont and Clybourn with the Riverview Fly Over removed! How about all those hats from 1961?!?!?


05/08/21 09:19 PM #1294    


Ken Ortiz

Hello all,

It’s interesting that when you become our age, you can make observations and then see how they have come full circle throughout the years. As a recent new Grandpa, I had an interesting observation and I am wondering if the other 76’er grandparents have noticed this.

When I first got to meet and hold my new grandson (he was barely a month old and it would have been sooner, but for COVID), I was thinking thoughts like “He’s so tiny” (he wasn’t), “I haven't held a baby in so long, how do I hold him?" (I was fine, it came to me). So I realized that all those baby raising skills I developed when I was raising my own children were still with me.

So I have had a few opportunities recently to spend some time with my new “little dude”, feeding him, playing with him, diaper changing, etc. But here is where my older age (and previous “baby raising” experiences) got me to notice a “FCP" (Full Circle Phenomenon).

To celebrate my completion of classes and because I had a short break before I became hostage to my place of employment, we decided to do a small family getaway for a few days at an Airbnb, which was in a historic old house in Wisconsin. So it was my Daughter, my Grandson, my Sister, my Mother and myself. An old family friend also joined us for one of those days. My Daughter joked with me that essentially I was only there to babysit my Grandson while the others got to have fun and shop, tour, etc.

So, here was the funny thing about that. I did spend some time taking care of my grandson there, but with my Daughter watching me and making sure I was doing things right. I got a lot of “you are not feeding him right", “why did you remove the bottle, he is not done yet", “he is not going to fall asleep if you hold him like that", “you need to do this and that when you change his diaper", etc.

Did my Daughter forget that I raised her and her older sister just fine as babies and I know how to do things? And her older sister was 6 weeks premature and really tiny and needed much more attention in the beginning and I got through that okay. I even have a picture of me and my older daughter “chilling" when she was a month old (June 1988). (See?)

And I can definitely do diapers. Did my Daughter forget that I successfully changed her diaper while bringing up a cellular network from the dead? I posted that memorable story here.

But I can't really blame her as that is where “FCP" (Full Circle Phenomenon) comes in. Because when my first child was born (my Daughter’s premature older sister), I was the same way. Well, actually I was a whole lot worse. There is even an old family event I attended when my older daughter was an infant and that day will live in infamy because even to this day, my family gives me grief about it.

We were together with a few of my aunts, uncles, cousins and other family members a few months after my older daughter was born. To say I was an over protective/helicopter Dad and a Dr. Spock know it all about babies at that time was an understatement. So my Aunt Pauline was there and she is seeing my baby for the first time and she has her arms out, waiting for me to give her the baby. But I was hesitating and giving her rules and directions on how to hold my baby. Then she comes out with the line that has now been known among my family for over 30 years:

“(God's name in vain) + (my childhood nickname)!!!! I raised nine friggin kids! I know how to hold a damn baby!!!”

Everybody jumped! My Aunt Pauline is barely 5 feet tall and she NEVER swears! But leave it to me to set her off and thus that line is a family classic now.

Another funny thing, the only person that did not react was my baby who didn’t fuss when I gave her to my aunt and loved having my aunt hold her.

And there you have it! FCP (Full Circle Phenomenon)

My present for my Daughter's first Mother's day tomorrow is a Mother's Day card from her four month son that I helped write for him. (hehehe)

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Greatgrandmothers, etc!




05/09/21 11:12 AM #1295    


Timmy Wong

Kenny, you observations are always priceless.  I really enjoy them.  This one really hits home as I've had an old saying for a long time that goes right along with your story.  That is "your kids are the come around".  It is so true as I have experienced it so many times.  Many of those times I feel frustrated until I realize this saying and then I have to smile, mostly to myself!!

Here's hoping everyone has a great Mother's Day today.  Let's celebrate our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers because without them, we wouldn't be here!!

05/09/21 03:08 PM #1296    


Deborah "Debbie" Tono

Happy Mother's Day!

05/10/21 10:36 AM #1297    


Robert Cole


Oh I remember that so well!

But, I also remember how many things have changed from the time we were little.

I don't have grandkids yet so I don't get the pleasure of my kids yelling at me.  But, I was the youngest in my family and had my first kid at the relatively old ae of 35.  So, it had been a long time since my mom had taken care of babies.  The things they did back then that we wouldn't do now!  Like, the old "rub whiskey on his gums" when he's teething.  Thought my wife was going to have a cow when she saw that!

And, they'd forgotten that you can't do everything with a baby that you can with a toddler.  Although, the baby thinks it's pretty cool!  Like Dad swinging baby Sam around the room, then dropping him.  So, we come back in.  "Where'd that bump on his forehead come from?"  "I don't know?"  Or, Mom feeding the baby cut pieces of hot dogs and grapes.   Aaugggh!  And potato chips to an infant!  But, the baby thinks that stuff is all WAY COOL!

But, I wouldn't change any of that grandparent time for all the money in the world!  It's too bad that my kids didn't get to enjoy their grandparents as long as I did.  And, I was lucky enough to have two great-grandparents until I was in college.  Our previous generations have such GREAT stories to tell!  One of my great-grandmothers was actually a mail-order bride and travelled to Oregon in a covered wagon.  Then dumped her husband when he was abusing her and came back home.  Not many women did that back then.  She was a strong woman before it was common.  But, those pioneer women were pretty tough in their own rights.  My other great-grandmother lived in the house one of her husbands built until she was nearly 100, pumping her own water from a pump out front and using the outhouse.  I had a great-great aunt I met, still driving a car with a stickshift at 103!  Called her Aunite Hod-rodder.  She never shifted gears, though.  Just put the car in 3rd, popped the clutch and spun out the yard, throwing gravel all the way!  Illinois kept trying to take her drivers license away, but she kept passing the exam!  So, they finally put "Country Roads Only" on her license!  I met the "family historian" who told me all the history and passed a lot of the artifacts down to me.  My kids had GREAT show and tell when they had to do the ubiquitous "family tree".  We had most everyone going back to before the Civil War.  Complete with pictures of "great-great-great granddad Henry in his Civil War uniform (North, luckily).  I still have the family Bible with all the marriages and births from just before the Civil War.  One side of my family has been in the states from when they were just colonies.  I still maintain that most of the state of Pennsylvania belongs to me.  "Colevania" it should be.  I don't have any paper showing we ever gave it up!  The other side of the family came over from Austria-Hungary and Germany.  It's COOL to have the details on where you came from! 

Sam has cast iron train toys he played with when he was little... that I played with... that my dad played with... that his dad played with... that HIS dad played with.

Used to go down to southern Illinois a couple times a year with my dad and grandpa to visit Great-grandma Kelly.  Nearly 100 years old.  She used to take us to the cemetary and show us all the husbands she had planted!  It pays to marry a Cole.  The women in our family live forever!   We would fix up whatever broke around her house over the winter.  And in the fall shovel coal for a week so she'd have heat for the winter.

Fresh chicken for meals... chickens that had still been pecking that morning!  My job, as a 5-year old, was to jump on the chicken with a washtub and sit on it after "the hatchet" was done.  The old saying, "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" is absolutely true.  They can make a real mess of your backyard!

Woke up one morning to see my nearly 100 great-grandmother taking after my dad and grandfather with a yardstick!  She caught them playing gin rummy.  "Cards are the Devil's tool!"  It's a wonderful experience for a little kid to see his elders taking a beatin' from their mom!  Of course, Dad and Grandpa just cowered and took it.  You don't talk back to your elders.  Just "Yes ma'am" and "No ma'am!"

I think, as a city kid, I was very lucky to have that part of my family still in the country.  Teaches us that food doesn't come just from the supermarket.  People actually GROW IT.  And, TV hasn't ALWAYS been there.  Not even RADIO!  Or CARS!  Or INDOOR PLUMBING.  Or CENTRAL HEAT!  

Now that I'm going to be "old" (some day in the DISTANT future) I hope my kids appreciate their older family as much as I did.

05/10/21 12:34 PM #1298    


Edward Mc Carthy

I can relate Robert.....I became a dad first time at 36 then again at 46.  Early on, I did have allot of re-experiences of all the baby stuff though with neices and nephews.  And cousins having their kids too.  Funny how allot changes over time, though, nothing really changes over time.

I do find it funny as well that with all the books on parenting out there.....there still is no 'owners manual' on caring for kids and babies.  We all learn by what our folks did.  That won't change I suppose.  Just my thoughts.

One day I will have gand kids.  No rush.  My 25 year old daughter is having too much fun being single and traveling.  My nearly 16 year old son......if it is not about a track event or football ( he plays/does both ) , he is not into it and now focuses on his  high school career. For are like, who me?

Always enjoy reading everyones insights.

05/14/21 03:37 PM #1299    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Hey Lane Brains!  Can anyone recall what Honors and AP Programs were offered when we were at Lane?  This was clearly an area unfamiliar to yours truly.  Oops!


Miss Mediocre Class Rank

05/15/21 01:54 PM #1300    


Frank G Styzek

Hi Michelle

I sent you an email with 3 attachments outlining the class offerings for freshmen in 1972. It includes the honors curriculum. Please let me know if you received it.  Maybe we can post it for the group to view later on. It's fun to look at.....although it does bring back some nightmaressmiley   when I see those classes again. Hope all is well with everyone. 

05/15/21 05:29 PM #1301    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Thanks Frank!  You are amazing, (and possibly a pack-rat?).  Does anyone remember anybody having AP classes or were they not "invented" yet?

05/16/21 09:02 AM #1302    


Peter Hong

During our class years at Lane Tech, AP classes were offered in English, Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, US History, Biology, and, possibly, other areas.  

I took the AP courses in English, Physics, and Calculus.  I eventually took the AP exams for English, Calculus, and US History, which resulted in sufficient course credits to skip a year at Northwestern University.


05/17/21 03:40 PM #1303    


Maja Wiesinger (Ramirez)

I know MOI didn't have any AP/Honors classes... Something about girls not being allowed to take any?!

Plus with "teachers" like Gradman for World History, who needs drill instructors? Who made him a counselor (after how he treated us), anyway? Anyone else's brain shut down after he pounded the lectern the first day and shouted


The things we recall almost FIFTY years later, jjeezzz...

05/17/21 05:59 PM #1304    


Michelle Milkovic (Weiner)

Is that true?  I sure hope not.  If you were a female student who has AP classes, kindly weigh in.


05/17/21 10:13 PM #1305    

Andrew Skipor

I had AP Math and Phys, there were girls in the class.

05/18/21 08:45 AM #1306    


Andrea M Adam

I took AP Bio and I'm pretty sure there were other girls in the class.

05/18/21 10:33 AM #1307    


Diane K Hanamoto

Hi All,
I actually had honors English, history, math and science classes for all four years...I was so burned out that I didn't want to take any AP classes. I actually really liked all of my teachers. Probably the weird one of the bunch.

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